Bedroom Ideas for a 13 Year Old Girl?

Paint yours wall white and put posters on it

1. basement bedroom ideas?

Are you kidding? You can not sleep in a basement if it leaks. You can get sick. Why can not the basement get fixed for leaks? It must get damp too. Not a healthy place for anybody to sleep. I would have answered with some tips but sorry, get the basement fixed would be the 1st thing to do

2. Purple and brown bedroom ideas? What should I do?

Pink and brown are superb is pink and grey. Do the walls in the lighter colour or you will make the room look very small. Pink walls and brown carpet with a pattern of the two colours for the bedding. Some items in red would look cool. PURPLE.............not in a bedroom

3. what are some good bedroom ideas for my teenage daughters room? (australia)?

Do not go bright color. Light blue, light flat(pale) green, light flat pinkish purple color is nice for a young girl cause once they grow older the color will not be too strong or childish for them


I think if I was ever able to paint my own room when I was a teen I would do light purple with dark purple polka dots or same colors only stripes

5. Bedroom ideas for a 16 year old girl?!*Any ideas please, really don't know what to do*?

With cream and grey, your room is a blank slate. Use the walls to hang interesting pieces. Do you have a place for your karate belts? Put them in a special shadow box. Maybe wind each belt up into a spiral and hang it in the shadow box. This would show your interest and how it is personal to you without being too pop-culture (such as posters from karate movies). Add complementary* frames or shadow boxes for other interests, such as framing a vinyl record from an artist you love, or framing seashells or knickknacks from a vacation. You can also use similar small frames to create a gallery wall of you, your friends and family. To add color, you can take a shoebox lid and cover it in fabric and hang on the wall. This is an expensive way to add color without painting. *When I say "complementary," I don't mean that the frames have to match. Maybe all wood (different types of wood is fine), all silver or all in your favorite color.

6. Creative bedroom ideas?

Walls:Paint 2 walls your favorite color and put wall decalls! Paint:Purple . Use decals of posters!:)

7. 15 year old girl bedroom ideas? :)?

I think that you need to draw some ideas about which theme you are going for. Also you do not necessarily have to paint the walls to portray this theme... For example if you wanted a beach theme you could use a light colour on the walls to make the room look larger, and use furniture / decorative things to show the theme. You could use photographs of the beach and maybe hang a surfboard on the wall, a sandy coloured carpet, use lightwood furniture to represent driftwood.. Almost make the room into a beach not just use paint or wall paper because if the room in neutral you can change the theme fairly easily :)

8. Teen bedroom ideas? All suggestions welcome?

RULE #1. DON'T GET ANYTHING SEASONAL (like with halloween or winter or beach theme or anything like that) AND DON'T GET ANYTHING THAT HAS A BAND OR CARTOON ON IT. THIS WILL LOOK VERY IMMATURE AND YOU WILL GET TIRED OF IT IN A FEW MONTHS I PROMISE. furniture needed:bed, dressers furniture that would be cool to have:couch, small fridge, night tables as far as colors go: pick out a comforter that you like first. you can choose whatever colors you like. then pick some sheets that match the comforter. if the comforter has a pattern on it then you can pick any color on the pattern. if the comforter is a solid color then it would be best to pick a sheet set that is just a shade or two lighter or darker than the comforter. sheet sets should never have a pattern. it looks immature and i think it's unappealing. next pick some curtains for the room if it has windows. The curtains should be either the same color as the sheets or the same color/pattern as the comforter. i think it's better with curtains the same color as the sheets. then choose the wall color. this color should ideally be one of the colors from the pattern on the comforter but not the color you chose for the sheets and curtains because then it would be overkill. if the comforter was solid and the sheets/curtains are almost the same color then the walls should be the same color but WAY lighter like an eggshell white. as far as other accessories go, that's where you bring out your personality. if you like flowers then put some on the wall. if you like cows then get some figurines and put em around. the accessories are things that you can easily change if you grow out of them or just start to not like them. so go crazy with accessories. they do not have to match. the only accessory you should definitely have is a full length mirror.

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