Bedroom Ideas for 16 Year Old Girl?

well, it depends on your personality .. but personal advice .. keep it simple so you do not get bored after a while .. mine was all white (it had a shinning surface) .. like the wardrope and everything .. and then the horizontal lines were blue .. matching with my carpet .. so you may want to do it green .. the whole thing took one side of my bedroom .. so the bed was between to wardropes.. and above the bed i had these little storage areas( looked like little big cupboard) and you can choose what you want on every side .. like couple drawers maybe.. mirror on the side of the wardrope .. .. my room was huge but anyway .. keep it simple ..

1. Decorating my bedroom.. Ideas??

I think purple would look really good especially with the furniture. Since your bedding has the new york skyline I would use modern accessories (look for clean lines mimicking the clean lines of the buildings). For wall art I would stay in that big city theme. You could probably find some black and white pictures of big cities or find black and white pictures that pertain to new york...***find a calendar that has black and white pictures of new york and frame those pictures*** Your main colors could be black, white, silver/chrome, plum purple. Pinterest is a really good sight to find some ideas too.

2. 15 year old and 5 year old, bedroom ideas?

wow that sucks u have to share a room with ur sister 10 years younger than you. anyways, you should come up with a cool theme. I was thinking tie dye??? You paint your walls white and then find a tie dye border. Then get tie dyed comforters for you and your sister. Maybe you can find a tie dye throw rug too. Brain blast! you could get like, 20 tie dyed tee shirts and put a letter on each one. Then hang them up on your wall so it says: ' Jenny and Karen's Room' Hope I helped! And have fun!

3. any girl bedroom ideas?

Just go to Ikea and I promise, all of your questions will be answered lol

4. Rock and Roll inspired bedroom ideas?

if you have some old records that are too scratched up to play you can put those on the walls--album covers as well. or cds but I think records would have a better effect

5. Teenager's bedroom ideas?

paint it grey

6. Teen girl bedroom ideas?

paint one wall green and one blue. on the green wall put blue polkadots and on the blue green polkadots

7. Cool bedroom ideas for a teen girl?

no have sex with me im wearing a scuba mask

8. How to define some young girl bedroom ideas?

Look at ikea's website - they should have some good and cheap ideas Here's another website with girl's rooms - no idea if they are cheap or not but i reckon you could get a similar look from ikea.

9. black and purple bedroom ideas?

Well, whilst I was once repainting my room I had an robust suggestion lol (i am 14 incidentally) and I was once going to color my partitions lime inexperienced after which take a depressing red and simply fling/splatter it all over the place the partitions. I inspiration it would seem cool however ultimately I transformed my brain on account that I desired calmer colours so I painted the partitions white and all of the cabinets and dressers red. So listed below are any other colour strategies red and white inexperienced and red turquoise indigo.

10. Vote on the ideas for redecorating my bedroom?

there are so many sites you can look at for your comforter other than the obvious ones you can also order from your local stores and you can type in millions of bedroom ideas look in magazines at your local library or hardware stores the list is endless so good luck and take your time you will be alot happier of you do and have exactly what you want

11. Decorating My Bedroom Ideas? I'm On a Budget?

well i painted an old dresser of mine that was in good condition but very ugly. now it looks very cool and unique. i painted it turquoise to match my turquoise and purple retro bedding. it looks perfect until i can save up to buy more furniture. but good luck! just pick a theme and go with it! im sure you will think of something! get the essentials first and then decorate!

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