Bathroom Storage Cabinets

Bathroom Storage Cabinets - Take a Look at What's New!

Bathroom storage cabinets are a godsend to all of us who like a neat and orderly bathroom and they can also add a touch of style to the most ordinary bathrooms. Take a look at this selection from the cheap and cheerful to the outrageously expensive and get some bathroom design ideas for your own home.

The Bauhaus collection is an inexpensive range of bathroom storage cabinets which still has plenty of contemporary style to enhance the look of your room. The base cabinet is made from strong hollow board and has a white glossy finish. It has a cupboard with two doors and an open cubby shelf on top where you can store your shampoo or put a little decorative item. This bathroom storage cabinet measures 27.5" x 27.13" x 11.75" and costs $99.99 discounted from $134.99 from Accent Furniture online.

There is also a very smart high cabinet in white in this range and if your bathroom is quite small it's always best to use the storage space available above the floor, so you can keep the limited floor space free. The high bathroom storage cabinet measures 59" x 15" x 11.75" and has three useful shelves over a base cabinet. It looks clean and fresh and you can buy it from online for $169.99 from Bed Bath & Beyond online.

My next choice is something that will add a touch of ancient Greek style to your bathroom design ideas. It has a classical look combined with the contemporary which will fit in any modern bathroom. This white cabinet has a cupboard with half the door in glass and the other half decorated with a Greek key-molding and will match any bathroom curtains. It's made from MDF and has metal hardware. The dimensions are 32" x 16" x 13" and the three shelves provide plenty of room for towels or toiletries. The Greek Key bathroom storage cabinet costs $104.63 from The Homewares' Place online.

If you like to create a comfortably relaxed beach house atmosphere in your bathroom, then you'll like the White Nassau Louvered Towel Safe. It's decorative and useful with a cabinet containing two fixed shelves that give a large storage space. I love the louvered style which always reminds me of summer holidays spent in the Caribbean. If you team it with some tropical patterned bathroom curtains you can pretend you're on vacation as you take your shower. The Nassau bathroom storage cabinet measures 23 ½" x 11 ½" x 37" and you can buy it from Sear's for $119.25.

If your taste runs more to luxury bathroom furniture, you'll love this River's Edge 'Whitehall Lane' bath storage cabinet from River's Edge. It's made of solid cherry hardwood and has a wonderfully rich Bordeaux color finish which would harmonize well with some warm-colored bathroom curtains. It doesn't look at all bathroomy and furniture like this means you can extend your good taste all the way through your home. It's got sleek lines with two drawers at the top and a cupboard underneath. The cupboard has got lovely decorated glass doors which give it the old-style nostalgic appearance of fine old furniture. The cabinet measures 21" x 18" x 38" and would add heaps of character and luxury to your bathroom. The price of the Whitehall Lane bathroom storage cabinet is $677.34 discounted from $983.43 which is a pretty good deal! You can buy this cabinet from Plumber's Surplus store online.

The majority of the bathroom storage cabinets that I've checked out are plain white and this means that they'll fit in easily with your bathroom curtains. So you can always freshen up your bathroom without having to change the shower curtains etc. and if you buy online you'll be able to find good-quality bathroom storage cabinets at the lowest possible prices!

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Entryway Console Tables
What is an entryway console tableEntryway console tables can be a beautiful and inexpensive way to add both character and functionality to your entry way. Although they are sometimes referred to as foyer console tables, the purpose is still the same. A console table can be any piece of furniture that is much wider than it is deep. They are generally long and narrow tables placed up against a wall or behind a sofa to add functionality to an otherwise useless narrow space. The benefits of a console table include adding personality to your foyer. Entryway console tables are a great place to add flowers, decorations, or even photos because they make use of the space that guests are greeted with when they visit your home. Rather than visitors being greeted with a blank wall or hallway, imagine showing off your favorite bouquet of flowers, surrounded by pictures of your family. Entryway console tables also provide great functionality and purpose. Never run late for a meeting or date again when you can't find your keys by putting a key bowl on your new teak console table. Have peace of mind knowing where your keys are at all times. Additionally many console tables have storage and drawer options underneath the table surface giving you ways to organize the clutter in your house. Types of entryway console tables:One of the best parts about console tables is that there is a seemingly unlimited number of styles, options, and designs made to fit any budget. Some of the most popular types of entryway console tables are: Contemporary console tables:Contemporary console tables are usually identified by either a sleek metallic look, or their abstract design. Brushed aluminum and stainless steel are very popular in contemporary console tables, as well as curved and half moon shapes. Elegant console tables:Elegant console tables can be any type of long and narrow table that evokes feelings of luxury and class. Popular examples of elegance are teak console tables, or ones made with solid oak, cherry or mahogany. Elegant console tables can be extremely expensive because they usually require higher quality materials, hand made craftsmanship, and attention to detail. They will often have many different sized drawers, hand turned legs, complex trim, and sometimes a marble top. Cheap console tables:Some prefer to call them "classic", but however you choose to word it, cheap console tables like like those made by Linea, are for people who want to make use of the wasted space in their foyer, but don't want to shell out hundreds of dollars for the privilege. You can find cheap Linea console tables for under $100 that provide the same functionality and decorating options without the expensive custom designs. For the most part, these will be simple rectangle designs with no drawers or custom trim.If you are looking for a way to brighten up your entryway, a console table can be a perfect way to accent a normally dull narrow space. With the unlimited styles, uses, and prices, you can find a entryway console table that is sure to fit perfectly in your home.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Laboratory Storage Cabinet
1. is biology considered a laboratory course?Sort of Labs used for scientific research take many forms because of the differing requirements of specialists in the various fields of science. A physics lab might contain a particle accelerator or vacuum chamber, while a metallurgy lab could have apparatus for casting or refining metals or for testing their strength. A chemist or biologist might use a wet laboratory, while a psychologist's lab might be a room with one-way mirrors and hidden cameras in which to observe behavior. In some laboratories, such as those commonly used by computer scientists, computers (sometimes supercomputers) are used for either simulations or the analysis of data collected elsewhere. Scientists in other fields will use still other types of laboratories. Despite the great differences among laboratories, some features are common. The use of workbenches or countertops at which the scientist may choose to either sit or stand is a common way to ensure comfortable working conditions for the researcher, who may spend a large portion of his or her working day in the laboratory. The provision of cabinets for the storage of laboratory equipment is quite common. It is traditional for a scientist to record an experiment's progress in a laboratory notebook, but modern labs almost always contain at least one computer workstation for data collection and analysis.------2. why is laboratory important in biology in conjunction with biology courses?A laboratory (informally, lab) is a facility that provides controlled conditions in which scientific research, experiments, and measurement may be performed. The title of laboratory is also used for certain other facilities where the processes or equipment used are similar to those in scientific laboratories. These notably include: the film laboratory or darkroom the computer lab the medical lab the clandestine lab for the production of illegal drugs In recent years government and private centers for innovation in learning, leadership and organization have adopted "lab" in their name to emphasize the experimental and research-oriented nature of their work. Scientific laboratories can be found in schools and universities, in industry, in government or military facilities, and even aboard ships and spacecraft. A laboratory might offer work space for just one to more than thirty researchers depending on its size and purpose. Characteristics of scientific laboratories Labs used for scientific research take many forms because of the differing requirements of specialists in the various fields of science. A physics lab might contain a particle accelerator or vacuum chamber, while a metallurgy lab could have apparatus for casting or refining metals or for testing their strength. A chemist or biologist might use a wet laboratory, while a psychologist's lab might be a room with one-way mirrors and hidden cameras in which to observe behavior. In some laboratories, such as those commonly used by computer scientists, computers (sometimes supercomputers) are used for either simulations or the analysis of data collected elsewhere. Scientists in other fields will use still other types of laboratories. Despite the great differences among laboratories, some features are common. The use of workbenches or countertops at which the scientist may choose to either sit or stand is a common way to ensure comfortable working conditions for the researcher, who may spend a large portion of his or her working day in the laboratory. The provision of cabinets for the storage of laboratory equipment is quite common. It is traditional for a scientist to record an experiment's progress in a laboratory notebook, but modern labs almost always contain at least one computer workstation for data collection and analysis.------3. whydo we have these? please help! will pik best answer!?Fume cupboard: Fume cupboards, often known as fume hoods, fume cabinets or fume filtration cabinets (these terms will be used interchangeably on this website) are localised fume extraction systems which are fitted into scientific and medical laboratories to protect users from harmful substances that could be inhaled. Fridge/freezer: Cooling is a popular food storage technique in developed countries and works by decreasing the reproduction rate of bacteria. The device is thus used to reduce the rate of spoilage of foodstuffs Water bath: Sometimes direct heat (like from a flame) can damage instruments or impair an experiment. That is when you use a water bath! Hot water would heat the chemicals more slowly, and therefore may keep them more stable. There is also no chance of the flame from the bunsen burner catching on to whatever you are trying to heat and causing a fire. Liquid chromatography system: High-performance liquid chromatography (sometimes referred to as high-pressure liquid chromatography), HPLC, is a chromatographic technique that can separate a mixture of compounds and is used in biochemistry and analytical chemistry to identify, quantify and purify the individual components of the mixture. Orbital shaker: The Orbital Shaker is a lower speed shaker and mixer (25-500 rpm) useful for culturing microbes, washing blots, and general mixing. It can handle multiple flasks and even accommodate two tiers. Deioniser: Deionization is the use of ion exchange to remove ionic substances from a solution. Ion exchange is a chemical process that uses ion exchange resin to attract dissolved contaminants, leaving pure water. o produce pure water for rinsing, boiler feed or any other application where our quality engineered and manufactured deionizers will produce the quantity and quality of water needed for your application. Cleaning and disinfection machine: this would have to take place so that you dont cause contamination during the lab which could then cause falsedata in your experiment. WOW! THAT WAS A LOT OF RESEARCHING! I REALLY HOPE I HELPED YOU! DON'T FORGET TO PICK A BEST ANSWER!------4. why is laboratory important in biology?Laboratory is the place where you think an idea and implement it there.there are many types of equipment that you use to know something what you think and implementing if you do practicle about your work you will understand better and you know exactly what is in it what is exact use------5. Primary and secondary cells (not the batteries)?Think about a simple zinc - carbon primary cell; the electrolytic action eats away at the zinc container and eventually this fails. There is no chemical mechanism by which it can be "recharged" 1 2 Secondary cells have a different and more complex electrochemistry that works simply by moving electrons from one terminal to the other. During the charging process the electrons are moved back to their original places so at the end of a charge-discharge cycle the battery ends up the same as when it started.------6. What is the best place to permanently store chemicals?Depends on the chemicals. First of all any storage area should be appropriate for the purpose - it should be maintained at an appropriate temperature (room temperature, refrigerator, freezer) and kept in a safe location. Access should be restricted to those with sufficient training to use the chemicals safely, and where possible should be located close to where the chemicals will be used (e.g. in a laboratory). The storage area must be suitably labelled with all appropriate warning signage. Flammable and volatile solvents should be stored in a separate, well ventilated location. The cabinet should be bunded (have a large enough tray to catch solvent if the bottles break). The volume of such solvents should be limited to the minimum volume required to carry out day-to-day work. There may also be local legal restrictions on the volumes you are allowed to store. Large volumes of solvent should be stored in a suitable well ventilated storage area outside. Precautions should be taken to minimise the risk of accidental ignition due to smoking and sparks. Halogenatated solvents and their waste should be kept separated from the other solvents. Strong acids should be kept in a seperate cabinet, also bunded and preferably ventilated. Extremely toxic materials should ideally be kept in a separate labelled location to the other chemicals. Care should be taken not to store chemicals at or above eye level where possible.------7. I need informatiom about propane tanks!! please help?Usually when I hear someone ask about forklift cylinders and grills it is because they are considering using cylinders acquired by unsavory means and not paying to refill their grill cylinders. I am by no means accusing you of anything like that, however, I get this question quite often so I am always a little sensitive about it... Grill cylinders are vapor withdrawal and MUST be used in a vertical position. Forklift cylinders are almost always liquid withdrawal. This is true whether the cylinder is oriented vertically or horizontally due to the way the internal "dip tube" is constructed. Most forklift cylinders do have a service valve port built into them that can be used for vapor withdrawal.the cylinder has to drained of all product, the service valve removed and plugged and the valve reinstalled in a different opening on the other side of the cylinder centre line. Therefore, the answer to your question is yes. A forklift cylinder could be purchased and made into a vapor withdrawal cylinder. But do not connect any old forklift tank to that appliance or you will have a seriously unsafe situation on your hands. The service valve connection is different on a forklift and a grill so the correct type of valve would have to be installed. As for the design of this entire contraption I see several problems which negate this whole issue. First, as another poster has mentioned, is the cabinet ventilated? Second, fuel handling codes dictate that a propane cylinder be at least 10 feet from any source of ignition. Is this storage cabinet 10 feet away? I know you will ask why a grill has a cylinder right underneath it. The answer is they are "certified" for use that way. The manufacturer has built the appliance so that the cylinder must be correctly oriented and below the burner. Fourth, are you going to get this appliance certified by an agency such as "underwriters laboratories? If not, be warned of the legal liabilities. If anyone is injured or property is damaged by this appliance, insurance companies will not cover you.
Superliners Offer More Choice - .au
Royal Caribbean's 'Radience of the Seas' at port in Sydney Harbour. Picture: SuppliedSource:SuppliedAS SYDNEY celebrates the arrival of the biggest superliner to call the Harbour City home in Radiance of the Seas (pictured) this month and its owners plans to send an even bigger ocean liner potential cruise passengers can look forward to great deals and new itineraries.Suddenly it is about choice for you, not the line, as lines such as Royal Caribbean International, P&O Cruises, Princess, Holland America, Celebrity, Carnival, Cunard and more offer new itineraries, new deals and new prices.At the same time, operators are quietly urging the NSW Government to fast-track infrastructure improvements to allow bigger and better ships to call Australia home, possibly including turning the Garden Island naval base into a cruise terminal.Bear in mind cruise ships are floating resorts quite happy to steer to places like China as home ports if demand and infrastructure is there. At the moment they see Australia as a huge market that will deliver lucrative deals for local guests and a massive payoff as thousands of Americans and Europeans come south to enjoy Australian, New Zealand and Pacific waters provided the infrastructure works.That's why this month Sydney became home for a season to the Royal Caribbean International liner Radiance of the Seas, the biggest ship to call Australia home for a season.Launched in 2001, and undergoing a massive multimillion-dollar refit in May before its Sydney sojourn, it is the largest ship to make Australia its home port for the 2011/12 cruise season. Its not-so-smaller sister Rhapsody of the Seas already has given locals a taste of RCI style.At 293m long, Radiance of the Seas carries about 2100 passengers, with features including a basketball court, mini golf, dedicated cinema, kids' swimming area with waterslide, nine-deck atrium, sea-view glass elevators and 12 dining venues.The ship also offers Royal Caribbean's signature rock climbing, along with an adults-only solarium, spa and fitness centre, children's Adventure Ocean club, Casino Royale and Broadway style theatre.There is also the massive outdoor LED video screen overlooking the main pool area, the English-styled Quill & Compass Pub among many eating options, which have doubled during the refit, plus a variety of kids' clubs facilities.Radiance of the Seas' season highlights include five 14 and 16-night cruises to New Zealand and two 12-night cruises to the South Pacific; a seven-night Tasmania itinerary, sailing on February 12 next year, with overnight stops in Melbourne and Hobart; two opportunities to circumnavigate the continent by combining a new 16-night Top End voyage from Sydney to Perth (Fremantle) with an 18-night southern return voyage to Sydney via southern Australia and New Zealand.This time next year Sydney will greet RCI's Voyager of the Seas built at a cost of $US500 million ($A491 million) and measuring 311m long and 48m wide, about twice the size of most cruise ships now based in the region.With 1556 staterooms, it can carrying up to 3840 guests and facilities range from an ice rink, inline skating track, rock-climbing wall, nine-hole mini golf course, golf simulator, full-size sports court, three swimming pools, six whirlpools, a teen disco and an Adventure Beach water park.The 11 dining venues include the three-storey, 1920-seat main dining room which will be the largest restaurant in Australia and 13 lounges and bars, a 1350-seat theatre, spa centre, wedding chapel and art gallery among other facilities.While all this sounds exciting, RCI president Adam Goldstein in Sydney to talk to authorities about the future noted Sydney needs far better facilities to deal with existing cruise traffic, let alone the new generation of ships.After talks with ministers and bureaucrats about shortcomings at the Overseas Passenger Terminal and Darling Harbour, he was cryptic about whether Garden Island should become a cruise port, but noted there was not enough enthusiasm for Sydney the great harbour city to become a great cruise hub which in turn would spread the wealth to all other Australian ports of call."Americans and Europeans want to come down here in international ships like ours Sydney has to be a robust hub of the cruise wheel and I don't think the leadership in NSW has fully taken that on. It is a great opportunity."Originally published as Superliners offer more choice
It's August. so Why Is Your Office Freezing?
For many women, here's what summer "business casual" looks like: a dress or a skirt and blouse, plus a thick sweater, wool blanket for the legs, and sometimes even a space heater to stick under your desk.Yes, judging by the temperatures in some corporate offices, you'd think humans weren't capable of surviving outside a meat locker. As soon as the temperatures rise outside, they drop inside. I've been in offices going through major rounds of cost-cutting -- like rationing office supplies and dropping carrots from the salad bar -- but the AC is still cranked to a level that implies management likes to set fire to $100 bills.Why is that? I have long assumed it's a vestige of patriarchy. Corporate office temperatures are set to be comfortable to slightly heavy-set men in suits. If you're wearing three layers up top (T-shirt, dress shirt, jacket) and wool pants and socks, then I can see how a temperature in the low 60s might be necessary to avoid any sweat whatsoever. The fact that such temperatures will feel cold to a woman wearing a skirt (even with nylons) is just not considered relevant to serious business -- much like discussions of telecommuting or flexible hours or other such touchy-feely concepts.But in an era when we are becoming more and more concerned about the environmental impact of our decisions, near-freezing office temperatures are a huge waste on many levels. And it turns out that even the most formal cultures can change if they want. Trending News Acosta Resigns "Trauma" Of Family Separation Mueller Testimony WATCH: R. Kelly Arrested At least that's the lesson I'm taking from Japan where, after the March earthquake and tsunami, the country is operating with a lot less power capacity than it had last year. Japanese citizens have headed off rolling blackouts by conserving -- a big part of which has been raising the temperature in frosty offices. Japanese executives have learned that you can conduct business in short sleeve shirts and khakis. Casual, heat-beating work clothes have become (literally) cool.There's no reason we can't behave the same way. I'm not saying don't turn on the AC at all. But a temperature in the high 70s is perfectly reasonable when it's 90 degrees outside. There's no reason to make your employees pack mittens in their purses.What's the temperature in your office?Related:Can You Become a Morning Person?Working Parents Have Plenty of Free TimeWhat Would You Do If You Couldn't Be Fired?Photo courtesy flickr user, Caza_No_7
Cachuma Lake Recreation Area in Santa Barbara Fits Your ...
There are two types of campers. The first looks to trade iPads and cellphones for three days of staring at the beauty that is Mother Nature. The other enjoys the great outdoors but also doesn't mind gas stations, boat cruises, nature centers and swimming pools. Luckily, at Cachuma Lake Recreation Area (2225 Highway 154, Santa Barbara; 686-5054,, you can be both as the 9,000-acre site provides enough to please die-hard wilderness enthusiasts as well as weekend warriors. The tab: summer camping rates $28-$48; yurts $60-$85 and cabins $110 to $135. A daily automobile pass is $10; a boat pass is $13; kayak/canoe is $5; nature cruises are $15 for adults and $7 for children; dogs are $3.The bedLake Cachuma offers numerous types of lodging. Perhaps most interesting are the seven yurts. They range from 14 to 24 feet in circumferenceand come with bunk beds and mattresses (but no bedding), doors that lock, skylights, an electrical outlet, a space heater, a zipped window, wooden decks, barbecues, picnic tables, water spigots and fire rings. Those looking for something more traditional can rent one of four furnished cabins with full-service kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, satellite television and dining areas. Three cabins sleep six; the fourth sleeps four and is Americans With Disabilities Act accessible. Full and partial RV sites are available year-round. Depending on how you camp, you'll either be jealous or cast a scornful look at the array of satellite dishes and shaded awnings. For the über adventurous, individual tent sites are available.The mealBarbecues and fire pits are throughout Lake Cachuma. There's also a general store that sells what you'll need for a cookout but forgot to pack. Sandwiches, ice, soda, beer and an assortment of snacks are just a few of the items available for purchase. While you're at it, you might as well pick up some dog food, a football, crayons, charcoal, a poncho and batteries.The findBecause Lake Cachuma is a source of drinking water, swimming, water-skiing and wading are not allowed; boating and kayaking are. With an on-site bait/tackle shop, fishing licenses for sale and a pool open Memorial Day through Labor Day, who wants to swim in a lake? Besides water activities, Lake Cachuma features five hiking trails from a quarter-mile to four miles long.Lesson learnedWalk about 50 yards from the overflow parking lot for the easiest - and perhaps best - access to the lake. At the end of the short hike is a secluded beach to your left and rocks to your right. The trail from the parking lot narrows as you get closer to the water, and you could literally walk into the lake if that sort of thing were allowed. Because it's not, you'll have to stand at the edge of the water, throw in a fishing line, gaze at the Santa Ynez and San Rafael mountains and listen as the birds sing.
Trend Alert: Sophisticated Shades of Blue for Kitchen Cabinets
By Neila Deen, HouzzWhite may be the reigning color for kitchen cabinets - chosen by 42 percent of homeowners who remodel their kitchens, according to Houzz research - but blue can bring a surprising balance to an otherwise neutral or pale kitchen. From classic navy to sunny aqua, blue hues can impart elegance while still pairing well with neutral surfaces in white, wood or metal. The many variations of this timeless color can transform a traditional or modern kitchen into a stylish heart of the home. Read on for seven blue colors I recommend for giving your cabinets a sophisticated makeover.1. NavyWhy it works: Classic and elegantly dramatic, navy is an excellent choice for kitchen cabinets, especially when paired with a white countertop. The bold contrast will give your navy cabinets a richer look and make your gleaming whites even more crisp.Wall, cabinet and island paint:Ebony Blue 163A, Nippon PaintOn your cabinets: Navy is a terrific choice for kitchen island cabinets. As shown here, the dense color serves as an anchor within the space and creates a focal point in a white kitchen.Try it with: Finishes in white, pale or warm woods and any shiny metals in the form of accessories, hardware or appliances will all look fabulous with your navy cabinets.Related: Bar Cabinets in All of Your Favorite Shades of Blue2. Blue MistWhy it works: This soothing pale greenish blue is a surprising neutral in the kitchen. Most often found in a bathroom or bedroom, blue mist can bring harmony and light to a kitchen.Cabinet paint:SW 0068 Copen Blue, Sherwin-WilliamsOn your cabinets: Blue mist is a smart choice for dark kitchen spaces because of its pale, light-reflective quality. It also makes it a great alternative to white and is a good choice for when you want subtle color on all of your kitchen cabinets, rather than just on an island or lower cabinets.Try it with: Similar to white or gray, this cool pale hue pairs well with most tones of white, any shade of wood, gray or even black. Chrome or steel accessories and fixtures will bring out this color's silvery essence.3. CobaltWhy it works: Cobalt, also known as royal blue, might not readily come to mind for your kitchen cabinets, but this deep blue can bring show-stopping sophistication to your kitchen with its eye-catching energy.On your cabinets: Choose cobalt blue for just your lower cabinetry if you want to make the area above the cabinets feel taller and brighter. Choose it all the way up on the cabinets if you want to draw the eye up. Try it with: Cobalt looks best next to warm or pale woods and white or gray finishes. Reflective accessories and fixtures tend to blend well with this bold blue. Go for copper and gold accessories or hardware to really give your kitchen a regal look.4. Sunny AquaWhy it works: Make your kitchen smile with this happy blue. Again, it's not a typical color for kitchen cabinets, but aqua's sunny undertone makes it a perfect counterpart for the warm woods and whites found in most kitchens.Cabinet paint:Light green 6027, RALOn your cabinets: Although a pale color, aqua is still notable when placed in the kitchen. Try using it as the focal point of the room such as on an island base. Alternatively, it can be a terrific color for all of your cabinetry because it's not an overwhelming tone.Try it with: Aqua is a well-rounded color and can work seamlessly with many palettes, from pale colors such as whites and grays to bright variations of reds and yellows. For metals and hardware, I recommend copper, brass or chrome.5. Deep TealWhy it works: Similar to navy, deep teal is a dramatic partner to the white finishes in your kitchen. It has a luxurious intensity that can give your kitchen high style.Island paint:Hague Blue No. 30, Farrow & BallOn your cabinets: This regal hue can be used for that featured kitchen island. Or, try painting just your lower cabinets deep teal with the upper cabinets painted a pale neutral like white. It will create a rich contrast.Try it with: Deep teal works best with pale finishes - think white, ivory and light gray. For hardware and fixtures, almost any shade of metal will shine nicely against this fabulous greenish blue.6. French BlueWhy it works: French blue, also known as Cadet blue, has a touch of gray and a slightly sunny undertone. It's a true blue that can impart a historical feeling in a traditional kitchen, while its medium intensity can give a modern kitchen a fresh vibe.On your cabinets: French blue is a great choice for highlighting the details on period-style or antique-looking cabinets. For modern spaces, it adds cool color without being overly icy next to your stainless steel appliances. Try it with: As with most of the blues presented here, cadet blue works well with neutral finishes. Because of its medium intensity, it coordinates with woods of all shades, from light to dark. The same goes for fixtures and hardware: from polished chrome to brushed brass and everything in between, this versatile blue is a friendly canvas for the metal of your choice.Related: Kitchen Lighting in Subtle to Striking Designs7. Wedgwood BlueWhy it works: Wedgwood blue is one of those in-between blues with a chameleon-like quality. A softer hue than French blue, this grayish blue color is more muted, with smoky overtones. In fact, it can often read as just gray.On your cabinets: Wedgwood blue is a go-to hue when you want gray cabinets but are looking for a hint of color. This pleasing blue works well in both traditional and modern kitchens. It's a superb choice for all of your cabinets or just a feature cabinetry wall.Try it with: An all-around friendly medium to light intense color, Wedgwood blue can be paired with most neutral finishes and many types of wood, both light and dark. Fixtures and hardware of all colors - including rose gold - would look fabulous with this classic elegant blue.See the Full Kitchen Trends Study Here
LED Light Flux Over a Bacterial Plate Surface
First of all, to avoid misunderstandings, let us set some definitions according to SI terms (re. e.g. to this Wikipedia article) For a point-like source, the power irradiated within a cone with vertex in the source will be constant, and the Irradiance therefore will decrease with the square of the distance from the source. Or equivalently, the power emitted within a steradiant (Intensity) is constant. Now if you have a diagram (normally given in polar form) of the relative Intensity, that shall mean that the total power irradiated by the led is given by the following integral for $phi$ ranging from $0$ to $pi /2$. $$ begingathered P = int_;0^,pi /2 I_0 (R)I_r (phi ),2pi Rsin phi ,R,dphi = hfill = I_0 (R),2pi R^,2 int_;0^,pi /2 I_r (phi ),sin phi ,dphi = hfill = P_0 ;int_;0^,pi /2 I_r (phi ),sin phi ,dphi hfill endgathered $$ where $P_0$ is the power of the led if it was radiating with a constant flux equal to that in the vertical, i.e. with $I_r (phi)=1$. Otherwise, knowing $P$, then $P_0$ will represent a scale constant. That premised, the sketch above shows clearly that the power emitted inside the solid conic angle of aperture $dalpha$, which is $P_0 ;I_r (phi ),sin phi ,dphi $, on the plane at distance $h$ will distribute over a surface of $2,pi ,ho (phi ),,dho (phi )$. Since we have the following relations: $$ left begingathered ho = h;tan phi hfill dho = frach cos ^,2 phi ;dphi hfill endgathered ight.quad Leftrightarrow quad left begingathered phi = arctan left( ho /h ight) hfill dphi = fraccos ^,2 phi hdho = frach left( h^,2 ho ^,2 ight)dho hfill sin phi = fracho sqrt h^,2 ho ^,2 hfill ; hfill endgathered ight. $$ the relative Irradiance (irradiance per 1 totally emitted W) on the plane surface will be: The above relative Irradiance shall be then multiplicated by $P_0=I_0(R) 2 pi R^2$ in order to get the value in $W/m^2$. Note that $I_0(R)=Q(0,R)$ as should be expected.1. Advice on LED light periods for cactusMost cacti are happy to have "growing season" in summer and a "resting season" in winter. After all, in their natural environment water is unlikely to be available all year round for continuous growth. When they are dormant in the "rest" period, light levels and high temperatures are not so important - though clearly you need to keep the temperature above freezing. Even temperatures that dip below freezing wo not necessarily cause any damage provided you do not have daily freeze-and-thaw cycles, which are guaranteed to damage them.Many cacti can deal with quite high volumes of watering in summer and grow fast as a result, so if your objective is "quick growth" giving them a rest for 4 to 6 months each year might not be as bad as you imagine2. Solid blue LED light on Blackberry torch?Sorry, but I have never seen the blue light before. Only the flashing red light. It could be water damage. Try putting the phone in dry rice to absorb the moisture, I've heard it works great. :)3. My computer mouse LED (Light) glowing even after shutdown.I am using Vista,Pls help?If its a gaming mouse or has led's in the mouse like razors have then no, there is no way to turn that off, its getting a direct feed of power from the usb port, which means yes you have to either shut down your computer or unplug your mouse4. would puttng a long led light tube on a bike be illegall?The LED lights are probably not illegal, but red and blue might be. Those colors suggest a police vehicle, which I suspect is not your situation. Consider a mixture of colors that would not be mistaken for any emergency vehicle. That would include red & blue, red & white, and all red5. Is there an LED light bulb that will screw into a regular light bulb socket?extremely tough thing. look in a search engine. that could help!6. Will a CFL bulb fix into a led light fixture like the ones you find in ikea?Ha ha ha no no no you need a new fixture
Florida Woman Whacks Half-naked Attacker with Baseball Bat ...
A baseball bat-wielding Florida woman slugged a manafter he attempted to break into her parked vehicle and then charged at her Sunday.Clarese Gainey, 65, of Gainesville, told WGFL she heard a noise coming from outside her home and peeked outthe window. That was when she says she saw a large man -- dressed only in his boxers -- attempting to get into her car."I grab my bat, I brace myself, and I ease the door open," Gainey told WGFL.At that moment, the man -- identified by police as37-year-old Antonio Mosely --charged at her, authoritiessaid, according to WGFL.FLORIDA WOMAN BREAKS BACK, FOOT AFTER JUMPING OFF PIER TO RESCUE BOY FROM RIPTIDE: REPORT"I took that bat and hit him upside the head, like, 'pi-yah!' He said, 'Ow!'" Gainey recalled.The manreportedly fled to a nearby mobile home park but left behind a sock, shirt and pants."He was in his drawers," she recalled.A K-9 unit was able to track Moselyto a mobile home where officials said hewas found with a pair of pants on. WGFLreported cocaine was found his pocket, and he was brought to Gainey for identification."I said, 'That's him right there,'" Gainey said.Officers said they also noticed a large bump on the suspect's head.CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPMosley was charged with "attempted burglary to both an occupied and unoccupied conveyance and possession of a controlled substance," the media outlet reported.Gainey had a warning for the suspect, saying he "better be glad I didn't have a gun.""Because I would have shot him," she said.Then, pointing at her baseball bat, she added: "But this is my gun right here. Because I would have gone 'pi-yow!'"
A Filing Cabinet, Some Contracts, and Kate Duffy | Huffpost
I was surprised and saddened to see in the Times this A.M. that Kate Duffy had died.I had put my toe in publishing waters by agreeing to become Ron Busch's West Coast scout for his new publishing venture, Tudor Publishing, a new mass-market paperback house. One day, out of the blue, Ron told us he was going into the hospital for bypass surgery. He died the next day. Stan Corwin and I were partnered on various ventures then, and I suggested we buy Tudor and become the publishers ourselves. We put together a deal, and bought the company.Within a few weeks we were in New York inspecting our new property, which consisted, in its entirety, as follows: First we had an office, a dingy fluorescent-illuminated lower Park Avenue cell, with a steel desk and a two-drawer beige filing cabinet that Ron must have found in a vacant lot somewhere. In the cabinet was a distribution contract with our mass-market distributors, Kable News, ten contracts for paperback books in various stages of development, and some manuscripts. And there was also a chair, and a person in that chair. Our sole employee. Kate Duffy, our Editor in Chief.Kate held all the knowledge of Ron Busch's vision for Tudor. Our job was to get out of her way, to let her fill the pipeline of our first list. I busied myself with finding our new office/apartment. I found a beautiful spot down the street from our distributors, at the corner of 49th and 2nd, on the 25th floor with 90 feet of glass. Views of the U.N. and up and down the entire length of 2nd Ave. I discovered a fantastic cache of antiques for rent on Roosevelt Island, and had the place furnished in a day. Kate's desk was the pièce de résistance: an ornate French inlaid number with brass trimmings. When Kate first perched at it in her new corner with its spectacular view, She thought I was nuts, that it was too good for her. But she confided to us, "Now I really am Queen of Romances."Within a few days an author came by with a crazy Elvis book, and before long, we had purchased it. With Kate's coaching I reserved enough press time to get more than a million copies, and a million cassette tapes shrunk to it, into print. Soon we had our first paperback bestseller together: Is Elvis Alive? made the N.Y. Times list.Kate was my mentor in those early days at Tudor. Beloved by her authors, unflappable, funny and without pretence.If I still had that original filing cabinet, I'd have it bronzed in her honor. Kate Duffy had mass-market ink running in her veins. She was a book editor, through and through.