As a Man, How Has Feminism Positively Affected Your Life?

A general improvement in ALL areas of lifeFrom politics, the armed forces, jobs, industry, science, tech, medicine, sports, business, TV, Films etc - feminism has caused more women to be included in numerous fields. This has pushed up the quality of all those fields - from women becoming heads of state, winning nobel prizes, gold medals in olympics, running tech companies, becoming influential TV talk show hosts, they have made significant contributions to the fields themselves, which in turn, have improved the quality of life in many ways for all of us.Life is better because of feminism

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Who would win in an all out war between India and Australia?

#A2AIndia, of course.Both the USA and China have vested interest in the Indian markets, and for America we are the biggest pack of cows to milk or to pull the wagons. The biggest open market and the largest pool of human resources (ew!) on earth, most top-level countries are somewhat interested in a moderately peaceful India.In fact Australia itself has a lot of investments here. If she gives up those and tries to effectively hurt the two superpowers, and how many more well, they live on an island. A freakin giant island, yes, but dude, not a good idea to be vulnerable from every direction on the map!


What is your least favorite political ideology?

American conservatives who call themselves libertarians.First of all, Libertarians don't get elected. Anywhere. A political party with that many smug capitalists should at least manage to get elected dog catcher somewhere.

Secondly, libertarians are kidding no one: adopting social positions long held on the left don't excuse being far to the right of even Republicans on economics and the role of government. You're conservatives: you either actively partner with Republicans or you claim to be a "libertarian Republican" like racist Ron Paul or his joke of a son.Third, watch any Libertarian Party convention if you have any doubts about how off the reservation they are as a political movement. It's high comedy.


What should be the best answer to the interview question, "How did you develop your research interest and why is it important?"

What whould be the best answer to the interview question, "How did you develop your research interest and why is it important?"I found the intersection of my personal area of interest in my specialization, my personal aptitude to perform research in that area of interest, the volume of research already performed in that area of interest so as not to waste my time creating redundancy, and the objective value to society of that area of interest so as not to spend my time on impractical research never to be put to use. Its importance is inherent in the intersection of these four vectors


Was Biden right when he said that in this volatile political climate we have to have an experienced person in office?

I guess older is now better. Hahahaha.My thought is I'm not sure its actually saying anything. Ergo mu would be my answer.And my questions would be, whats the volatility of which he speaks and; what has experience taught him to do to mitigate the volatility, and lastly; might there be more urgent priorities than dealing with a problem of such vagueness, like taxes, deficits, wages, healthcare and carbon emissions, thus far not dealt with in any House bills of which Im aware and Democrats are in the majority?Rather than volatile they seem to be in a meditative state, perhaps contemplating having experience doing something.Just a thought


Is Donald Trump less educated than Barack Obama?

Sure he is.That makes Trumps success more remarkable.In 2016, Trump- promised to bring back jobs that had left America. Obama went on TV, and said Those jobs are never coming back. Trump says he can bring them back - how ? Does he have a magic wand ?So Trump lowered corporate taxes and the jobs came back. Look like Obama would need to enhance his education with a magic wand, to do what Trump does with less education.What does this say about the value of education, and about the intentions of the guy who asked the question ?.


Has the Universe been made just right for life or has life been made just right for this Universe ?

Good question. I think your error is to assume it was made. The culmination of all cause and effect that led to our existence is pure luck of circumstance. If our solar system was not as it is, we would not be here to discuss anything. The current known size of the Universe is 78 BILLION light years across, that is how long it would take to travel from one side to the other, IF you could travel at the speed of light.

So why the big waste of a Universe if we are the sole culmination of a creator being. It makes as much sense as a chocolate teapot. ;)

Practicing Shaman... quantum physics rocks.


Why did the value of the pound fall after Brexit?

When UK voted to exit EU, it meant that UKs leadership would work towards dismantling various economic & social treaties with the EU.This caused uncertainty in the British market. Thus, investors lost faith in Britains economy leading to a fall in GBP (Great British Pound) & FTSE (British Market Index). The GBP was already trading at a 31 yr low, thus the already cautious investors were given a rude shockUK has a large immigrant workforce. Many of them reside in the UK either directly or indirectly due to UKs membership in the EU. Their loss could lead to stagnation in the UK economy.

This scared investors further & hence, they pulled out in order to wait for the political situation to stabilize


How was Michael Jordan able go from being a good college player to becoming a great NBA player?

One of the hardest working players ever with all the genetic gifts one could ask for that loves the game doesnt have to go to class anymore. The time he spent studying and being a college student is now spent perfecting his craft. hes Also leaving a game thats designed to penalize players with his skill set through poor spacing and slow pace of play for a league that has rules catered to his skill set with a shot clock and illegal defense. Jordan simply got better and was entering a league that was tailored to what he did well


Non-Americans: Lots of us in the USA hear from some political groups that Trump has made us an international laughing stock and alienated most or all of our allies, do you perceive this to be true from the outside of our bubble of the world?

He is a laughing stock, but like all great comedies I also see a tragedy.Its sad but I think Trump is a symptom of a sickness in your political system.I thought the election of Obama was a great step for America, but then I visited the USA after his election and could not believe the hatred from the Republicans.

I have disagreed with many politicians but I have never hated anyone.In my visits since 1991 it seems to me the USA is now very much in decline and I now have no interest in visiting again


Who had a greater influence to the Metal genre, Led Zeppelin or Black Sabbath?

Led Zeppelin started as a blues band, and although Jimmy Page composed heavy riffs for a few songs, Robert Plant's voice was never suited to metal genre. Also, most of the songs of Led Zeppelin can be classified into hard rock but not metal. They might have influenced other bands or artists to play music, but they wouldn't have influenced them to play heavy metal in particular.

Black Sabbath, on the other hand, have been the creators of heavy metal. The leads, heavy riffs, gory lyrics and the gloomy voice, that specifically characterize heavy metal are quite apparent in their songs. And that is the reason why most of the bands playing metal have been influenced by Black Sabbath.


What is the most significant improvement you have made in your life?

When i accepted or learned to let the things go & not to hold them.I had the habit of preserving lot many things (like a souvenir). But after 2011, i started losing them one by one. I am not going to mention the reasons. It used to hurt me a lot.

And then i understood that i may lose the material, but none can snatch or wipe the memories. Thereon, even if still have this habit, now i no more worry about preserving it. If it is to survive or be with me, it will. Otherwise, their memories are going to make me happy forever


What are some beautiful, haunting, chilling, soul-wrenching songs (like Young and Beautiful by Lana Del Rey)?

If you are going to find this type of songs, Lana Del Rey music is highly recommended . She's already had such haunting voice that the melody would replay over and over again in your head. I suggest TV in black & white, i has been addicted to recently. The way she changed the tone and the pitch is attractive and sexy. Whenever i am on the way back home from scho by bus, sitting next to the window and listen to this song, i am touched and then make this song on the loop The lyrics are also beautiful and easy to catch the idea


Michel Barnier said that the Yes vote for Brexit was a misguided Nostalgia for a so called golden age when the UK had an empire. What do you think of this comment?

It seems everyone who didn't vote to leave puts their own miserable agenda as to why people did vote to leave. It is like some upset individual who has been gilted by their partner cannot accept that they just want something better. Obviously they must be deluded etc.Only people who voted to leave know why they voted that way. For me, I am very uncomfortable with the lack of democracy in the EU. I believe in the truism that the further and more insulated decision makers are from the people, the less the people are considered in the decision making


Who do you think is the true father of metal?

When I was a sophomore in high school (fifteen or sixteen years old), we were all required to work in pairs to research a topic in mathematics and give a presentation on it. Two of my friends did harmonics and used an electric guitar to demonstrate how harmonies were based on integral ratios of string lengths, and went into the cycle of fifths. They then pointed out that power chords were based on open fifths, and demonstrated that.

The title of the presentation was Pythagoras, the Father of Modern Heavy Metal.Our teacher was alternately shaking his head in disbelief and laughing, and they got an A on their project


Why does Pakistan want to buy medicines from India for its sick and then threaten it with nuclear war at the same time? Isn't it like biting the hand that feeds you?

Let me explain this with a funny example.Suppose you are a child and you desperately want something and you approached your dad to give you that thing , but certainly he refused to give you the thing.Now you started threatening your dad Dad if you don't give me that thing, i ain't gonna have my dinnerHe again refused , even after your threatening and all and now you are feeling damn hungry and finally decided to shove the food down your throat willingly or unwillingly. :))))Now replace the child with Pakistan and replace the Dad with IndiaHope you got your answer.

. :).


My LG LED TV' Display is damaged as told by LG engineer. It's cost to repair is 13k. What should I do now?

If it is a 32 TV it would be better to buy a new tv.If it is above that you can get the display replaced considering that a 40 tv from the likes of samsung and lg would cost atleast double.A lot of other factors count such as how old the tv is and how much are you ready to spend on a new tv if thats an option.

Getting the display replaced is not a problem but enquire on what warranty would be offered on the replacement display.You can also go for a bigger size tv if you want.Youll have to decide i have layed out the options.


How corrupt is the Modi government?

But where is specific corruption charges against . I do not want to vote for Modi or BJP in 2024. But what are my alternatives??? Only option is Rahul Gandhi led Congress. But historically Congress government is involved in corruptions. Actually, it's Congress which cultivate seeds of corruption in India.1975, Indira Gandhi was convincted for election fraud. After that to save her power, she declared emergency.Next Rajiv Gandhi led Congress government involved in Bofors corruption, HDW Submarine corruption.Than Narshima Rao lead Congress government was involved in bribe JMM MPs.

Than in Manmohan Singh government, we have seen a lot scams 2G, Coal Allocation, Commonwealth scam etc.Still Congress is supporting corruption convicted Lalu ji.How can we support and vote for Congress in 2024???.

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