Art of Minimalism, by Vivek Kadecha Interiors Invites Us to a Divine Abode

We would love to live in a house that ages gracefully over time! That's why we are in awe of this simplistic abode christened 'Art of Minimalism' by Vivek Kadecha, founder and principal designer of Vivek Kadecha Interiors, Lifestyle & Design. This 700 sq ft home in Ahmedabad is a canvas of integrated spaces and textures with a vernacular essence. The entire two-bedroom apartment is conceived as minimal and hassle-free, making it perfect for the enthusiastic couple who owns it. "I've always believed that spaces are akin to living beings. When you unfurl the fabric of ornamentation and imitation, what remains is the beauty of scars and tragic imperfections. And that was my approach with this project too," shares Kadecha. Therefore, the abode weaves in the homeowners' frequencies and their simple, working lifestyle. On entering, a clutter-free foyer with wall-infused storage spaces opens out to a warm and inviting living room. A sense of intimacy prevails owing to the use of traditional artisan techniques for embellishments. Dotting the minimal living room is a faux leather sofa, dark olive accent chair, a sleek centre table with an Indian marble top and customised solid wood furniture-all of which are placed on kadappa stone flooring and lend a soothing vibe. The highlight of the abode are its grey IPS oxide walls by Vernacular Building Techniques. The texture has a unique attribute of reflecting soft light and creating a subtle ambience. This low saturated colour palette is punctuated by a turquoise patch in the same material, which adapts as an artwork. The dining and open kitchen are interspersed for easy circulation. The furniture is made using reclaimed teak and veneer, adding to the earthy theme of the house. Like the centre table, the dining table and kitchen counter are finished in Indian white Ambaji marble. The vernacular alignment is obvious in both the master and guest bedrooms. Indeed, the former is dressed in metal furniture in matte black and bed linens from Saphed Home's Gulaabjal and Haldar series, adding to the divinity of the room. All in all, the entire apartment focuses more on the intangible and so the walls are free of embellishments. Instead, they are simply treated in local, age-old techniques and polished in wax and coconut oil. Kadecha puts it perfectly when he says, "My creations echo my influences, the client and the project typologies. I believe that if design ignores people, people ignore that design."

1. How do you maintain metal furnitureuff1f?

Metal furniture are known for its durability and strength, not to mention its classy look. Here are some simple tips to maintain the quality of a metal furniture1. Weather Proof Your Metal Furniture to avoid wear and tearKeep Away From Direct SunlightAvoid Exposure to Excessive Moisture2.

2. Are the metal chairs real?

Where To Buy Tolix Chairs WholesaleTolix ChairTolix is one of the manufacturers of steel furniture and has become a symbol in the field of mechanical design. The organization was floated by the French designer Xavier Pauchard who utilized a unique sheet metal for the manufacture of a Metal Tolix Chairs. This, at last, offered to ascend to the organization's fruitful model. The Tolix chair An is as yet a work of art and can dazzle in the home or business in an assortment of design style s.The organization Tolix has substantiated itself as a designer for industry chairs. The assortments intrigue without breaking a sweat. The utilization of dainty metal sheets and swaggers implies a Tolix chair can be moved no problem at all. Simultaneously it is especially vigorous. Until this point in time, the Tolix chair An is for all intents and purposes unaltered and is utilized for a huge scope. Through wide endorsement, the models set up themselves universally. Furthermore, there have been increases and changes in the assortments. With a high back, and the increasingly agreeable armchair was created from the A chair, which can be found in numerous bistros. The unique element of a Tolix stool or Tolix chair is quality preparation. The creation of the models is described by genuine difficult work. A flimsy steel sheet is cut into individual segments and squeezed for an amazingly long timeframe of realistic usability in a few activities. Tolix focuses on little subtleties that give chairs and furniture more capacities. The chairs can be easily stacked to consume less space. A punctured seat surface can deplete water well. Tolix Chair HistoryIn the Victorian period of the late 1880s, the style of a staged rocker graced the homes of the princely. As we traversed into the early piece of the 1900s, practically every ranch house had a lot of press-upheld oak chairs around the kitchen table, and in mid-twentieth Century America, the streamline designs of Eero Saarinen set the standard for MCM home goods with the Tulip chair.During that time style s change, however, one thing has stayed steady: If you are outfitting your home you will unavoidably need to go chair shopping!As we look to the top patterns in the enriching of 2019 we see a growing thankfulness for "modern" decorations and with this pattern a resurgence in the ubiquity of the Tolix chair. At 27 years old, Frenchman Xavier Pauchard was working with his dad and granddad introducing zinc rooftops in Le Morvan, France, yet he was malcontented. Ever inquisitive and inclined to experimentation, he staggered upon a framework for shielding sheet metal from rusting by plunging it in liquid zinc, a procedure we presently allude to as stirring. In 1927, he left the privately-owned company to open a little manufacturing plant on the edges of Autun in Burgundy which worked under the enrolled trademark Tolix. Tolix represented considerable authority in the manufacture of steel family and business merchandise, including a line of furniture. In 1934, they discharged their "Tolix chair." This tall-back stirred steel chair designed for open-air utilize included openings in the seat to take into account waste and was lightweight and intended to be stackable. Enormous quantities of the chairs were offered to the walkway bistros around Paris, yet inside the initial five years of creation, Pauchard had nearly the same number of chairs returned as he sold, about causing the conclusion of his processing plant. The issue was basic, the "stackable" chairs would not stack!Tolix reviewed the chairs and went to work to address the lethal design blemish. Following quite a long while of redesigns, the manufacturing plant discharged a slimmer adaptation of the Tolix chair (otherwise called the Marais A chair) with the assurance that they could be stacked 25 high! The reaction to the patched-up chair was quick as requests from clinics, workplaces and cafs around the globe poured in. Upon the demise of Xavier Pauchard in 1948, his children, Jean and Andre, took over Tolix. Following four years, they partitioned the organization with Jean assuming control over the furniture line. Emulating his dad's example he extended the line with three new exceptionally fruitful pieces. In 1955, he designed the Tolix Table to go with his dad's popular chairs. The following year he added the Tolix stool to the line. His unique plan was for it to be utilized in industrial facilities and open parks, which they were. Be that as it may, it additionally grabbed the attention of bar and bar proprietors in both Europe and the United States. Alcohol organization wholesalers frequently utilized it as an allure for bar proprietors to purchase their items and deals held solid through the 1970s.The second expansion in 1956 was the A56 Arm chair demonstrated after the Tolix Chaise designed numerous years sooner by Xavier Pauchard. In the course of recent years, the A56 has come to be perceived as one of the most compelling bits of metal furniture of the twentieth Century.Where To Buy Tolix Chairs WholesaleAt Blossomfurnishings furniture, we love the Tolix in the entirety of their manifestations, regardless of whether it is a Tolix vintage unique you got from an old fashioned store or the very good quality multiplication Tolix chairs you can discover. We offer an incredible determination of vintage chairs and vintage style bistro chairs like the famous French Tolix chair. We offer these wonders in each possible shading and style and now we even have exclusively fit Tolix pads and our Tolix style chair cushion. With under mount jolts, this superbly estimated Toix syle seat pad joins under your chair leaving no equipment obvious, just the agreeable smooth sitting surface. Click here to purchase tolic chair at BlossomfurnishingsAre the metal chairs real?.

3. What wall color goes best with glass, metal furniture?

try gray with a black leather couch

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Where Can I Purchase Metal Furniture (chair/futon) Legs Similar to the Ones Pictured Here?
Umm. the only place that involves innovations is Claire's. ): Sorry purely seem around. Or purchase a neckalce, then purchase your superb buddy the comparable one. and that i am not sure if it is right, yet i think of that Nordstrom is a save the place they sell much less high priced fashion designer stuff? i am not sure, yet while i am precise, bypass there (;.1. How to paint and upholster metal chairsHow to Paint and Upholster Metal Chairs Have you ever been in a creative rut, where you feel like you really want to make something but no ideas come to you? I have been in one recently and it's such an uncomfortable place to be. Staying home has me itching to do projects and keep myself busy because that is what heals my soul, yet my brain is mentally exhausted and incapable of thinking of what to even create. I've found that sometimes the best way to get myself over it is to get into a project I've been putting off, or to use supplies I already have to make something beautiful. What does not help me is falling down the Pinterest rabbit hole (although I do love to pin creative ideas- you can find my pins here!), or shopping for fun art supplies for which I do not have a plan. Raise your hand if you are guilty of that; mine is sheepishly up in the air. This past weekend, I put both of those ideas that get me through together... I worked on a project that's been sitting in my basement for almost a year and used only things I had on hand, and I can not tell you how good it felt, and how awake my soul felt afterwards. Today I am sharing the process and result, and teaching you how to paint and upholster metal chairs. This post contains affiliate links. I earn a small commission from qualifying sales and truly appreciate your support. Emmy and I found this pair of vintage metal children's chairs last year at a yard sale for $3 total. They were brown which I do not mind but the finish was not in great shape, and the seats were solid, but they had this plastic trim around them which was old and brittle seemed like it would be uncomfortable for a child. All in all, they were pretty ugly, but I loved the shape and could not pass up for the price. You can see on the seats that the trim was separated in the back, and had some places where it was pulling away and I knew that would pinch little fingers eventually, so that needed to go. I decided to give them a paint and upholstery job to update them. Before I did, I brought them out to see if they would fit Wilder yet. They are still a little too big and you can see that his feet are not hitting the ground. He needs help getting into and out of them for now, but he loves that these chairs are just for him. His expression here does not show it because he did not like that I left him with his feet dangling so I could take a photo. Also, you should know I edited how the booger he had... you are welcome. Before beginning this project I assessed my supply stash to see what I had. Almost exactly two years ago, I reupholstered a set of bentwood chairs for my old dining room. (Oh, how I loved those chairs! BTW, in that post, I teach how how to upholster round seats which can be pretty tricky!) When I purchased the indigo fabric for those seats, Jo-ann's had been having a big sale on decorating fabric and I bought two other styles as well, one w pretty gray sort of mud cloth inspired design that I thought would be perfect for these metal chairs. Of course, you can not just slap fabric over wood seats; you need some cushioning. I had enough batting to work perfectly. These are kids' chairs so they do not quite need the amount of cushioning and foam that our full grown rear ends need. I also had black and gold spray paint in my paint supply here (We've only been here a year, so my supply is somewhat limited!). After selecting the fabric, I opted for gold to complement the gray. That being said, here are all of the supplies I used for this project. upholstery fabric (I can not find my exact fabric, but I love these options: here, here, here, here.) gold spray paint (this is HANDS DOWN my go-to gold and adheres SO well!) If you follow me on instagram, you may have seen that I documented this whole process in my stories this past weekend. I put all of those stories together to create a video for you so that you can see exactly how to paint the metal as well as the very details process of upholstering the seats. You can watch that video below, or follow the step by step tutorial below that if you prefer. Before you begin with chairs, always remove the seats, even if you do not plan to recover them. You can see when you flip them over that they attach with screws and are very easy to remove and reattach. Once the seats are removed, give the chair frames a light sanding, just like you would if they were made of wood. This just creates a rough enough surface for the paint to adhere. I find with metal furniture that consists of spindly parts that sanding blocks are the best approach as their foam allows you to bend and curve with the piece. Below they are sanded and not yet wiped so you can see a layer of dust. After sanding them, wipe them clean with a dry lint free cloth to remove any dust. They should still appear somewhat rough from sanding but not shiny like they were to begin with. Place your piece on a drop cloth. (I only had some plastic sheeting left over from another project, so I used that.) Lay your chairs on the ground face down and give them a light even coat of paint, careful to move back and forth and stay about 10 inches away from what you are painting (to avoid drips). Flip the chairs to a standing upright position and continue the first coat. Repeat this process once more, and a third time if needed. For my third coat, I simply had to touch up a few spots that needed a bit more paint. By the way, you can see just why I love this paint below. It's so smooth on top of its amazing adhesion. While they are drying you can work on your chair seats. I did not take many photos on how to recover the chairs, but there is a very detailed step by step of that in the video above starting at the 1:34 point. However, if you prefer photos, I shared my method for covering straight edge seats with corners here. The only difference is that in this case I used quilt batting instead of upholstery foam. FYI, the corners tend to be the trickiest, but I have found that my method words really well to create clean and tight corners. (The below photo was from my instagram story which is why it has text. ) After the seats have been upholstered, they are ready to be reattached to the dry frames, using the same screws and holes that they were originally attached with. To be honest, I do not yet know exactly where these chairs will go, but it was a lot of fun to get my creative juices flowing again, and to use things I already had. I have found that some of the best projects come from resourcefulness. This teepee sits in the corner of our living room, and I am considering possibly moving it when Wilder is a little bigger and is ready to sit at a table with his chairs. We do not yet have a kids table, so as soon as it's safe to thrift, I will be on the lookout! There is not much space in our living room, but I've also considered a fold out shelf at table height for these chairs, placing them to the right of the teepee. Who knows where exactly they will end up. What I do know is that I feel great having accomplished something, and Wilder was thrilled with the outcome. Happy clients are the best clients! These chairs are also so much more comfortable and safer for him (minus that one slightly crooked leg I need to see if Chris' brute strength can fix a bit!). What do you do when you are in a creative rut? I would love to hear your method for digging out. If you liked this project and learned something from it, I would love it if you shared it!2. How do I remove rust marks from my patio?Rust marks can appear on a patio for various reasons, and can prove tricky to remove. Rust marks can stain a patio where metal furniture has been placed onto a stone patio. If you employ a lawn maintenance company they may spread fertiliser around your patio and path area. These products can contain iron, and when mixed with water and air they become iron oxide. Again, this will create rust marks on top of the stone surfaces such as patios and pathways. Oxide deposits can also be released from within stone paving if your contractor uses brick acid (nb. please do not do this- Conclear is safer) to clean up after installing a stone patio. This will appear as brown rusty coloured stains on the surface of your paving, especially on Kandla Grey Sandstone, which is particularly affected. Many of our customers have had this problem, and come to us with what they think is a ruined patio. Cement spills are often aggressively treated with brick acid after installation by contractors. We do not recommend this. Conclear is our safer and ecological cement remover. However, it is possible to remove rust marks and stains caused by brick acid use with Rob Parkers Best Rust Remover. Rob Parkers Rust Remover can solve the problem in all these instances. Rob Parkers Best Rust Remover is easy to apply. Use a paint brush to apply the product to the affected spots and watch the rust disappear. Rinse the area with water once the rust has disappeared. When the area is dry Stoneworld recommend sealing the stone to prevent rust stains from occurring again.3. What wall color goes best with glass, metal furniture?I would go with a medium to light blue shade for the walls, and then red for the couch. The red will make a statement and keep the room from looking to "cold"
Interiors: Hooked on Classics
Thonet's bentwood chairs are so familiar and friendly, it comes as a shock to discover the technical innovation and history behind them. The grandaddy of them all, Chair No 14 (today known as 214), looks more at home in a 20th-century cafe than a Victorian parlour, but was actually first produced commercially in 1859. Brahms and Lenin both used it. And they weren't alone. It proved an immediate and continuing hit, so much so that by 1930 some 50 million of them had been sold around the world. Made of only six components glued together (with no screws or nails), it is one of the world's first mass-produced chairs, and is still being manufactured today. The man who devised it, Michael Thonet (1796-1871), was a brilliant furniture-maker from Boppard on the Rhine. Trained as a traditional carpenter, he was also a ceaseless experimenter and pioneer, more interested in techniques to bend wood and glue layers of veneer than in making money, and always in debt. His big break came in 1841, when the Austrian chancellor, Prince Metternich, saw his furniture at the Koblenz trade show and encouraged him to move to Vienna. He did so, with his family. And it was with his five sons that he founded Gebrüder Thonet in 1853. Extraordinarily, it has been a successful family business for five generations, and today is run by three brothers, Claus, Peter and Philipp, a jolly and engaging trio who are descended from Jacob, the youngest of the original five. And while no Thonet so far has inherited Michael's creative inventiveness, they have proved astute at spotting talent in others. Thus Thonet worked with the Bauhaus designers Mart Stam, Marcel Breuer and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe in the 1920s as they played with pipes, devised tubular metal furniture and invented the cantilever chair, and has manufactured it ever since. Thonet's metal furniture has always been made in Frankenberg, in Germany, conveniently close to the beech woods often used for the 214 chair. Today it is Thonet's only factory – others in East­ern Europe were expropriated during the Second World War. The Frankenberg factory was dest­royed by air raids in the last few weeks of the war, and rebuilt by Georg Thonet, father of the current owners. Production of tubular steel furniture resumed in 1954 and bentwood in 1960. Today it is a gloriously tranquil place, consisting of a number of long, low buildings plus a fabulous museum set against a rural backdrop. Some 180 workers variously fashion metal, leather and wood. The bentwood chairs are still made by hand, and it's astonishing to see poles of wood being removed from the steamer (where they are softened) and then bent into a mould by two leather apron-clad men. Today bentwood designs account for only five per cent of Thonet's business, and the labour-intensive 214 chair costs more than £500. It has been enormously copied – Ikea recently came up with a plastic version – but nowhere else is it made so lovingly. Alongside its classics, Thonet has always produced more up-to-date pieces – by Verner Panton in the 1950s and 1960s, and more recently chairs by Norman Foster for the British Museum courtyard cafe. The current creative director, charged with introducing new designers to the firm, is James Irvine, an effervescent British designer who has lived and worked in Milan for the past 25 years (apart from a year with Toshiba in Tokyo). Irvine is a Royal College of Art-educated industrial designer with his own design studio. He has worked on everything from bottle openers to buses (a Mercedes fleet for Hanover) and describes himself as 'not a designer with a particularly strong signature; I've always liked working in a context and Thonet likes that of me.' His most successful design, royalty-wise, is 'a tiny wheel for office chairs – it's very simple, with a disc on the side you can pop in and out in different colours'. He credits the great Italian designer Ettore Sottsass (a colleague for many years) with 'opening my mind to becoming involved in companies'. Irvine's introduction to Thonet came when Philipp Thonet dropped into his office in Milan, said how much he liked his work and asked him to design a new bentwood chair. They became friends, and Irvine designed Thonet's trade fair stands for five years before taking on the mantle of creative director just over two years ago. He took three years to perfect his take on the bentwood chair. 'I had to come up with a different concept,' he says, 'a rotating office chair – the best thing I've ever done, a luxury product.' The resulting A660 'Loop' chair (2004) won lots of prizes. He has subsequently produced a bar stool for Thonet – 'not a world-shaker but something that was missing from the catalogue' – and a sofa which he describes as 'the one the Bauhaus forgot to do'. Irvine is a passionate advocate of family-owned companies such as Thonet and most Italian brands he works with. 'They believe in things instead of being marketing led,' he states. The working situation is positive, not based on looking at balance sheets. 'One of the nicest things that you can do as a designer is work with a company that has a history and a context,' Irvine explains. He has thought laterally about making Thonet's iconic pieces more widely available at a reasonable price. This spring Muji is launching several simplified versions of Thonet's bentwood and tubular steel pieces, all made in Frankenberg. The metal furniture, including a cantilevered chair and desk, is by Konstantin Grcic. The first piece, though, is Irvine's reinterpretation of the 214 chair, fulfilling his aim 'to work within Thonet's tradition, to bring it forward, make it relevant now'. It should be a very happy birthday.
The Beauty of a White Living Room
A white living room is becoming a trend in most houses today because it exudes utmost cleanliness and neatness. In fact, majority of people who prefer white living rooms stick to this color motif because it brings relaxation and sense of order in their households. Psychologists agree that colors have deep association with people's emotions. To those who are into elegance, cleanliness, class, and purity, white is the most recommended color for their living rooms. To be able to create a white living room that will satisfy the homeowner's taste and preference, the following should be considered. 1. Picking the right kind of white. Although the color white may suggest an absence of color, white also have different moods that are responsible for an array of textures and wealthy details that may lead to stunning visual appeal. You must know the right kind of white to be able to achieve your purpose of using it. If you want to make a small space feel and seem larger, opt for plainest white to wring out most colors spots. If you prefer a warmer ambiance, prefer whites that are vibrant and can be easily matched with accessories and furniture pieces that have natural or earth tones. If you prefer the feel of a natural environment, prefer the kind of white that is relaxing and with deeper shade so you can easily complement it flowers and plants. 2. Complementing decors and accessories. One of the major advantages of a the color white when it comes to living rooms is that you can practically match it with other colors of decors and accessories without ruining balance and harmony. Because of its uniformity, white is considered a perfect background to complement all kinds of furniture pieces and accessories. Although white can complement almost all kinds and colors, make sure that colors and kinds of decorations, furniture, and accessories also complement each other. 3. Matching furniture pieces. White is preferred by many people because of its clean, fresh, and crisp ambiance. However, because of being plain, it can be hard to look for furniture pieces that can totally match the color. What you can do is to decide what kind of ambiance you wish to have. If you want a cozy atmosphere, opt for native furniture pieces that come in warm earth tones. If you prefer a more formal atmosphere, opt for leather and metal furniture pieces to complement the white background.
Mens Health Question Teen Child ?
1 that is not true. if you get an erection and you ignore it, it will eventually go down and nothing will come out. when you do masturbate, though, you cu m a lot more. #2 your friend is probably right. the more you masturbate on a daily basis, the less wet dreams you will have. try wearing looser pants and underwear. briefs rub against your dick and make it hard. loose boxers will give it room and less stimulation.1. Sskinny dipping guys and girls teen (mens health)?Do not listen to fib or whatever the hell his names is. He's just mad because hes still a virgin. Talk to the guys and get them all to do it at the same time and have a blast.2. Why are there more girls answering questions in "Mens Health" than men?More women are answering this question then men! Never been to the womens health section3. *Mens health* Do you think its right to hit a girl? (guys only)?no because it breakes up thier relationship and if u are married u prob will endup with a worse relationship and get divorse4. How to do something in mens health?purchase a pair of briefs (not boxers, jockstraps) briefs that are like 3 to 4 sizes TOO small for you. put them on. get an erection, now gyrate in the briefs, and not using your hands. the friction and rubbing against the fabric of the taut underwear will ........well, you know. /Jerome5. Why are there so many women in "Mens Health" answering questions that are obviously not applicable to them?Funny how none of them answer this6. mens health: If you could rate yourself....?idk. i guess pretty good lookin for my age. look at my last question7. Do you think if i spend more time in 'mens health' my sense of humor will return?Heck yes thats a great place for ya mate! Oh! sorry WIL I thought you said "mental health" Forget it! just come on by the pub and I will buy you one.Thats sure to improve your humor8. The Trick Bodybuilders Use to Develop Their Quads and HamstringsWant more development in your quadriceps or hamstrings? Then use this easy bodybuilding trick: Elevate your heels or toes during your next lower-body workout, says Men's Health Fitness Director B.J. Gaddour, who demonstrates both in the video above. Related: The Anarchy Workout: an Exciting and Intense DVD Fitness Program From Men's Health That will Help You Lose Pounds Of Fat In Less Than a Month and a Half Placing your heels on weight plates, a low step, wooden block, or the base of an incline bench can help emphasis your quads, says Gaddour. Take the squat, for instance. The elevated-heel position allows your torso to stay more upright than if your heels were flat, which shifts stress to the front of your upper legs. On the other hand, you will hit your hamstrings more if you put up your toes, he explains. The position increases the stretch demand on the hamstrings. Add load, and it can spur muscle growth. This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at piano.io9. questions for the dogsssss?you should ask this in men's get all the guys answers there...i promise10. problem down low? mens health please help?Its nothing to worry about :) there normal if your really worried though go to the doctors hope i helped :)11. Why dont people in the Mens Health section not get that there is more to life than a PENUS and MASTERBATING ?I know. The spelling is horrible and there is a spell check 'button' right above this box I am typing in. I can not believe people do not use it. There are a lot of the same questions, I knew guys where obsessed with the size of their penis, just not THAT obsessed.12. would you consider the mens health section the funniest section on yahoo answers?lol I peeped at it once, I was like are they even serious with these questions
NBA Final Chances for Teams?
Spurs and Jazz should be lower. Spurs are without Ginobili and Jazz can not buy a game on the road (and will most probably be 8th seed and face the Lakers)1. Top 10 MLB teams of 2012?1.New York Yankees 2.Philadelphia Phillies 3.Texas Rangers 4.Detroit Tigers 5.St.Louis Cardinals 6.Los Angeles Angels 7.Arizona Diamondbacks 8.Tampa Bay Rays 9.Boston Redsox 10.San Francisco Giants2. Can someone sum up a career in marketing?First, the problem is that marketing is such a broad term- so go explore various companies to see what industry might work for you. What a marketing person does at a bank will be pretty different than what someone does at a retail company and different than what you would do if you worked at a consumer products company. And in some cases marketing is really sales but they dress up the title to make it sound better. I can best speak to marketing in consumer products and retailers. Consumer products companies almost always want you to have an MBA just to get hired. You start as an assistant maketing/brand/product manager and then work your way up. In most companies it is very competitive. In many companies they use the expression "up or out." If you do not get promoted you will surely get fired. So if you start at a company with 20 friends, in 2 years there will be 10-15 left, in 2 more 10, 2 more only a few remain, etc. In other companies it is not that competitive. But in consumer products companies the idea is that the marketing people are the ones who really run the show - they are the team leaders for the company and are responsible for running a business. And since it pays well, you are accountable: for working with ad agencies, manufacturing people, accounting/finance, and more. A small part of your job is marketing (i.e. thinking about strategy, planning, etc.), most is managing projects and teams while implementing your strategy and plans. In other companies, like retailing, marketing works most with the advertising agencies and leads on communications. People called "merchandisers" play a role similar to marketing people in consumer products companies. Merchandisers work with designers, marketers, factories, etc. on the way to bringing new clothing to market. In the two examples above the marketer is a team leader and coordinator who needs to ensure the companies key initiatives actually happen. In high-tech companies, marketing can often be a supporting role with product developers being the leads. In those cases prepare to take a back seat to the technical folks. You are not a leader, you are one of many team members and you probably just take what you are given and try to come up with a story to market it (in consumer products you would guide the product development not just take what you are given). In large companies, marketing is a hard job. Most people I know do not last too long in one company. Many get experience in large companies ( a great place to learn) but then go to smaller companies where they can do more- often becoming leaders of the company. In the other fields, that might not be the route since responsiblities are not the same. That's the best I can do. Call a school like Northwestern's Kellogg School (Chicago) and talk to them about marketing and brand management. They are one of the leading schools for marketing.3. how many hockey teams are their?There are 30 NHL hockey teams. Anehiem Ducks Atlanta Thrahers Boston Bruins Buffalo Sabres Calgary Flames Carolina Hurricanes Chicago Blackhawks Colorado Avalanche Columbus Blue Jackets Dallas Stars Detroit Red Wings Edmonton Oilers Florida Panthers L.A. Kings Minnesota Wild Montreal Canadiens Nashville Predators New Jersey Devils New York Islanders New York Rangers Ottawa Senators Philidelphia Flyers Pheonix Coyotes Pittsburgh Penguins San Jose Sharks St. Louis Blues Tampa Bay Lightning Toronto Maple Leafs Vancouver Canucks Washington Capitals 24 teams in the NHL are American 6 teams in the NHL are Canadian4. Rank these 3 NFL teams?1 Chargers 2 49ers 3 Titans5. who are the skilled young players for these teams?Good Question PG: Steve Nash SG: Stephen Curry SF: Paul Pierce PF: Pau Gasol C: Andrea Bargnani
History of the Lewis Merthyr Colliery
Although coal was mined as early as the seventeenth century in the Rhondda for domestic purposes, the earliest recorded opening and mining of a safe coal level was in 1790 by Dr Richard Griffiths, who was also responsible for bringing the first tram road into the Rhondda. Subsequently, Walter Coffin opened and sunk the first pits paving the way for the discovery of rich and prosperous steam coal seams with many more lines to follow. Two pits were opened in 1850 on what was to become the Lewis Merthyr site: Hafod by two brothers David and John Thomas Coed Cae by Edward MillsBoth pits had to be abandoned early on due to the conditions of the workings. In the mid-1870s William Thomas Lewis (later Lord Merthyr) purchased and reopened the two pits, mining the upper bituminous (household) coal seams, until Hafod closed around 1893 and Coed Cae in the 1930s. By 1880 WT Lewis had sunk the Bertie shaft, and in 1890 the Trefor shaft (both named after his sons), by which time the company had become known as the Lewis Merthyr Consolidated Collieries Ltd, employing some 5,000 men and producing almost a million tons of coal annually. The two headframes and associated colliery buildings are now Grade II* listed buildings. In 1904 the company sunk the Lady Lewis Colliery one mile (1.6 km) to the north east in the Rhondda Fach. In 1905 the company acquired Universal Colliery at Senghenydd, which was later to suffer the worst ever mining disaster in British history. In 1929 the colliery became part of the Powell Dyffryn Group, and in the same year Coed Cae stopped winding coal. Hafod No 2 followed, and Hafod No 1 in 1933. The colliery was nationalised in 1947. In 1958 Lewis Merthyr Colliery and the neighbouring Ty Mawr Colliery merged and all coal winding ceased at Lewis Merthyr, with coaling continuing via Ty Mawr and men and supplies only at Lewis Merthyr. By 1969 the Colliery had become the Ty Mawr/Lewis Merthyr Colliery. As many as thirteen seams have been worked at the Lewis Merthyr using the advanced longwall method of working with most of the coal being won with pneumatic picks and hand loaded onto conveyors. Until the 1950s the coal industry maintained a steady level of production and employment, but since that time there has been a continuing decline in the number of miners in employment. Most of the pits which have been closed have still left coal to mine, but with oil and coal available more cheaply from abroad the demise of the industry has been inevitable. Nowhere has the decline of the coal industry been more dramatic than in the South Wales Coal Field. At Lewis Merthyr production came to an end on the 14 March 1983 with production continuing in the four feet seam until July when coaling ceased forever at Ty Mawr/Lewis Merthyr. By 1990 not one productive colliery existed in the Rhondda but Rhondda's past has been captured and preserved as an historic landmark at the Lewis Merthyr Colliery now the Rhondda Heritage Park.— — — — — —Easington CollieryEasington Colliery is a town in County Durham, England, known for a history of coal mining. It is situated to the north of Horden, and a short distance to the east of Easington Village. The town suffered a significant mining accident on 29 May 1951, when an explosion in the mine resulted in the deaths of 83 men (including 2 rescue workers). Easington had a population of 4,959 in 2001, and 5,022 at the 2011 Census.— — — — — —Carlton Main Frickley Colliery BandThe Carlton Main Frickley Colliery Band is a brass band based in West Yorkshire, England, and close to South Yorkshire— — — — — —National Association of Colliery Overmen, Deputies and ShotfirersThe National Association of Colliery Overmen, Deputies and Shotfirers (NACODS) is an organisation representing former colliery deputies and under-officials in the coal industry— — — — — —Garw/Ffaldau CollieryThe Garw/Ffaldau Colliery was a colliery formed in 1975 in Pontycymer, Wales. It was formed from the joining together of the Garw Colliery and the Ffaldau Colliery. The Ffaldau Colliery had 1,100 workers in 1927, though this had declined by half by the mid 1930s. The pit closed in November 1985; a total of 630 miners lost their jobs. A potential buy out of the pit by workers had been mooted, but this was deemed to have been prohibitively expensive after the National Coal Board cut the ropes on the caged lift and 200,000 tonnes of hardcore were poured down the mine shaft. A reunion was held of former mine workers in 2015. The Garw Colliery (also known as the Ocean Colliery) was one of six pits in the Garw valley. Following the merger of the two pits workers entering at Blaengarw had a 1-2 mile walk underground due to the closure of the access shaft at Pontycymer.
Can Anyone Make Me Fall/winter Outfits?
You should get maybe a Hollister tank top, preferaly navy blue since blue is like the ultimate winter color but most people just seem to feel warmer in darker colors.Normally these are around 10$.A pair of Aeropostale dark blue skinny jeans would go well with this however if your going for a church look, get ankle length black legging and a cute black, grey striped skirts and make sure the sripes are vertical, it makes your legs look longer and you look slimmer. Just a regular black or light grey cardigan from any store will do fine. A wonderful type of belt would be a thin, white belt around the lower waist.To finished off this look, a few silver bangles or maybe a diamond(or some type or jeweled) bracelet and a gold necklace(regular chains are fine but one with maybe a little round place where you birthstone can go or stone that matches your braclet would look better) and some flats of the colors black,blue,grey,or to add extra color...purple or a dark but almost a light feeling green shade or turquoise would go together well.1. Will Annuals survive in a pot/container inside my home over the fall and winter? Or will they just die..?I have successfully over wintered Impatiens in a container. They have continued to bloom sporadically throughout the winter. I keep them in my basement under a grow light. I also have a potato vine that has survived nicely. Petunias survive and bloom for awhile but eventually die off before winter is over. I have a Coleus, too. It looks great! I guess my best advice is to experiment. If the plants survive the winter, you do not have to buy more plants in the spring.2. Outfit ideas for fall/winter? 10 points :)?Wow, you are lucky! Paris is just amazing! It's all about chic and elegance so wear a black woolen/knitted dress with opaque tights and ankle boots. Cardigans and blazers with cute dresses or skinny jeans will do. Remember about accessories: scarfs, long gloves and fedora hats are useful in that kind of weather. Have fun!)3. I'm looking for stuff to buy for fall & winter?Ok basically you can go into any store and find sweatshirts like that but try on sizes one too small. I do this (im a girl but still i roll up my sleeves) and its fine. I am a girl but i have a lot of guy friends who do this. Or if you want you can try going into american eagle or hollister. But dont buy stuff that just says hollloster across it becasue it makes the person look like an idiot4. My son is 3 months old now 9/8/09 and I'm unsure of what to get him for fall/winter clothes....Help?Purchase a little big. I would say 6-12mos. He's going to need to wear winter attire probably until early April (7mos from now)5. Can someone please design me a fall/winter outfit?boots jeans and a knit top. or sweater for a top6. Does Israel have seasons like Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter?It does, but the boundaries are not as clear as it is other places. Spring and Summer blend more than usual, and Winter is kinda iffy in many places. If I had to sum up Israel, it sometimes seems like perpetual Summer. There is a Spring time, and a cool fall, but most places do not get lower than 50 degrees Celsius.7. Is Lacrosse a Fall, Winter, Spring, or Summer Sport?Fall - Recruiting Tourneys and Club team Winter- Indoor Leagues (professional too) Spring- Regular Season (professional too) Summer- More Tourneys with Club teams8. Fellaz!..........What are some Fall/Winter shoes u lyk 2 c on Ladies??Usually us men are not looking at a woman's feet. Try another area then come back9. Trends: Fall/Winter - London Fashion Week Mens Designer Showrooms Fall/Winter 2018-19 | WeConnectFashionThe Designer Showroom exhibition space in London played host to the best in established and emerging talent that will be shaping the menswear scene into FW18-19 and beyond. On view, Trendstop's menswear team introduces the latest Fall Winter 2018-19 looks from London Fashion Week Men's most inspiring collections. Here's an exclusive at three inspirational Fall Winter 2018-19 collections. Hybrid style and the art of reinvention are key seasonal themes. Technical, active apparel is infused with a streetwear sensibility at Every Second Counts x Kazuki Karaishi while Lon Bara integrate performance qualities into their Japanese inspired silhouettes. New material developments are an essential element of many collections with Tonsure elevating menswear basics through the use of unexpected yet luxury fabrications. Performance-led activewear brand Every Second Counts team up with apparel and accessories designer Kazuki Karaishi. A focus on construction and comfort have a pre-to-post gym sensibility Taking inspiration from 1980s New York, Tonsure's FW18-19 collection plays with materials and surface texture. Merino wool and leather put a tactile spin on the classic menswear Lon Bara's Fall Winter collection takes inspiration from Japanese garments and the tattoo motifs of the Yakuza. WeConnectFashion readers can get FREE ACCESS to Trendstop's London Trade Show Overview, an essential report on the key trends from London's the most influential designers. Simply click here to receive your free report. Simply click here to receive your complimentary report. Simply click here, to receive your free report., is the worlds leading trend forecasting agency for fashion forward trend information that is validated through early consumers to give you confidence in your trend decision making. Clients include H&M, Primark, Forever21, Zalando, Geox, Evisu, Hugo Boss, L'Oreal and MTV.
There's no denying that planning a wedding is both exhilarating and a tad bit stressful. Okay, let's be real, wedding planning is more than a tad bit stressful. Thankfully, it's mostly in a good stress kind of way.Marriage is arguably one of the most important milestones in a couple's life together, and it should be a day that makes both you and your partner feel super special. Think of your wedding as a modern-day fairy tale, and then plan and pamper accordingly. For this reason, consider a variety of creative wedding themes for your special day. In fact, why not take it one step further and embrace a fairytale wedding theme? Fairy tales vary among families, locations, and cultures so give yourself permission to be creative.Then, you can unleash your inner princess and allow that fairy tale to permeate every aspect of your big day. If you are feeling stuck on where to begin, here are a few of our best tips to help you get your planning juices flowing.First things first, is a wedding really a wedding without the proper amount of fun and pampering? Dare we say, fairytale pampering? Granted, this part is not typically "themed" but-in our admittedly biased opinion-fun and pampering should be planned into your wedding agenda and budget from the get-go. We recommend not just indulgences for the bride, but for the entire wedding party. Pre-wedding spoiling is a key aspect of a royal princess experience.You can send your partner and company off to engage in their own wedding day prep, while you and your squad do yours. Guys can engage in manly things, like getting their hair cut and styled, enjoying a hot towel shave, and even getting their very own mani/pedis. Massages are often lovely and relaxing for everyone, too, regardless of gender.Meanwhile, the ladies can have professional makeup and hair done beforehand so that looking their best is not left to chance. The key to invoking that feeling of a princess in a fairy tale during the pre-ceremony "getting ready" stage, is to make it special with as much pomp and circumstance as you can stand.Put on some great music, pour some cold mimosas, don cute and comfy wedding party robes and slippers, and settle in to enjoy yourself with your wedding party as you get ready for your big day.Give yourself permission to cut loose and engage in a little star treatment with zero guilt and 100 percent pleasure. After all, this is a day that you will cherish forever., so best to make it a good one and create as many beautiful memories as you possibly can.Is there anything that makes a wedding feel like a fairy tale more than the location itself? Sure, a wedding on the beach is nice, and so is that local church your mom keeps mentioning. But, go big or go home, right? Why not try a destination wedding and get married in a real castle, Rapunzel-style? Or, why not look for a beautiful outdoor wedding venue with lots of moss and looming trees? You know, the kind of place that makes one dream of actual fairies and elves.You could even get married in a location such as Disneyland and create a full-on Cinderella experience! Of course, do not limit yourself to a traditional princess wedding. A Disneyland or castle venue is not the only location to create your perfect fairy tale. Perhaps you dream instead of a more exotic romance story, like marrying Mr. Tall, Dark, and Charming while sitting atop two beautiful white mustangs outfitted with unicorn horns. That's totally doable, too.No matter what fairytale wedding theme you envision, there are plenty of venues that cater to a variety of different styles and tastes, so that you can pull off a unique marriage celebration that's your very own.Your Fairy Tale Is in the DetailsThat old cliche that the devil is in the details is well-known, but we would argue that so is the fairy tale. Sometimes it's really the little things that give an event its own special vibe and make you feel as though you are in a movie. To give your wedding that fairytale mojo, consider not just your choice of venue, but the other details that will make up your wedding ceremony and celebration, as well.The decor is obviously a big deal in creating a mood, and in today's wedding market, you can find wedding decor options to fit almost any budget. If your princess fairy tale leans more toward a royal wedding, consider rolling out the red carpet for your walk down the aisle. You could arrive in a sleek limo, walk down the aisle, and make a royal entry, and even have "royal guards" standing by to open doors for you, act as ushers, and flank you and the wedding party during the ceremony.If your fairy tale leans more to the fantastical side, you could try adding fairy lights, crawling vines, and a woodland feel to the wedding decor as a way to help create your special moment. For instance, instead of walking down a red carpet, walk down a path strewn with flower petals. You could also skip the indoor wedding venue entirely and get married outside. Outdoor venues in the midst of plenty of trees can be excellent for giving a wedding ceremony a woodland nymph feel, even if it's not a "forest" per se.Of course, there are other tiny touches that you can add to your wedding experience to make it feel like a fairy tale, too. You can provide themed food options and drinks to your guests, you can have a fairytale princess themed wedding cake, and even your chosen music for the day can really help set the mood and contribute to the fairytale story.The best part of planning a fairytale-themed wedding is that you get to decide what your fairy tale looks and feels like. You get to decide what kind of dress and environment makes you look and feel like a princess. Getting married is a big step and it should be a day to remember for everyone, but more importantly, it should be a special day that you will never forget. And, when making lifetime memories, details matter.What fairy tale is replete without the proper attire, right? After all, if you want to be a fairytale princess, you've got to look the part. Want to feel like Cinderella for the day? Go ahead and flaunt that princess cut ball gown and elegant updo. Do not forget the classy jewelry and your sparkling Cinderella slippers.If you prefer to feel more like a woodland nymph princess, that beautifully beaded slip dress with the long ethereal train might be downright perfect for your big moment. Combine the look with loose locks and a twig and flower crown, and bring your ultimate fairy tale to life. You could even walk down the aisle barefoot for added authenticity.If you love the idea of a more exotic wedding-Arabian princess anyone?-why not consider a harem pant-style wedding dress? Combine the look with colorful jewelry and a beautiful crown, and walk down the aisle to a mesmerizing drum beat with tiny cymbals on your wrists and ankles. Your partner-to-be will not be able to look away from you.As for the gentlemen in your wedding party, the groom included, they obviously have to look the part, too. A beautifully cut tux can complement almost any royal princess theme nicely, especially when combined with shoes polished to a shine.The men can also wear a costume that complements the fairytale theme, such as a sultan's costume or a woodland elf costume, instead of opting for a tux. Yes, it may not be traditional in style, but there's no rule that says your fairytale wedding has to be traditional or conform in any way.Remember, planning your perfect wedding should be a thrilling experience. Fairytale wedding theme ideas abound for those willing to step outside their comfort zones and get creative. Try not to box yourself in or get hung up on tradition.Though traditions have their place and it's wonderful to honor them, ultimately your wedding day is about what you want. And, if you want to look and feel like a Disney princess, an Arabian princess, or a royal woodland nymph, it's entirely your prerogative. You are the architect of your real-life fairy tale, so dream big.I just got having an Oct.08 wedding enough time to start planning?Yes. Go to the library or a bookstore and get a book about wedding planning. They give you good suggestions on how much lead time you need or should take for all the arrangements, and should cause you less stress in getting to that important occasion
One more factor is that Sous Vide Circulators are limited to temperatures BELOW 212, which is the boiling point of water. They are designed for slow heating to a particular internal temperature of the product you are cooking, not speeding the process. This provides for fully pasteurization, while maintaining tenderness and juiciness. ..especially for meats.1. Is it possible to cook a steak in a sous vide to come out rare?Yes. Salt the steak, bag it, cook at 124F for 1 hour per inch, pat dry, and sear using your preferred method (I prefer cast iron). Simple as that. For medium rare, bump the temperature up to around 129 to 133F, depending on if you want it closer to rare or closer to medium2. Sous vide chuck roast or chuck steaks?Sous vide cooking is a function of temperature and the surface area to volume ratio of the food in question.If you have a high surface area to volume the cooking time will be shorter. Steaks would have a higher ratio than the roast so they would take less time than the roast. The amount of the time difference is difficult to predict exactly over such a long time scale, but a rough calculation of the ratio I spoke of would be a good starting point for a compensation factor.If you have the time and your water bath can accommodate, I would suggest keeping the roast whole and finishing in a skillet. It's much more impressive than a steak3. Is it possible to cook a steak in a sous vide to come out rare?Thanks for the A2A:Yeah.... Just cook it at like... 128 degrees. It wo not cook past rare4. How to keep bags from floating in a sous vide supremeI've had this problem and after trying various things, I've found that this works pretty well:5. What is the best temperature and time to sous vide brisket?50 hours at 135F/58C. Ice the bagged meat, then finish on grill (20-30 mins indirect heat, then 4 mins direct on each side) or smoker (3 hrs)6. Can sous vide bags melt when cooked?That depends on the bags used. Ziplocks with sliders are not watertight so should not be used. Regular ziplocks are not recommended. Freezer or Storage bag ziplocks hold up to about 180 degrees fahrenheit. Vacuum storage bags (the kind that are heat sealed) will hold up to boiling water, which is probably hotter than you can achieve with sous vide, as most immersion heaters top out at 200 degrees at most.7. How do I cook chicken to get it tender and juicy?Sous vide is best followed by a quick broil to brown. With sous vide you first pasteurize the chicken to make it food safe cooking it at about 150 Fahrenheit for an hour. This keeps the meat juicy and tender. You then quickly brown the surface in a broiler or a pan. Slicing the breast into even thickness cutlets before sauteing or grilling is second-best. Because of their irregular thickness chicken breasts normally dry out on the thinner end before they cook through on the thick end. Slicing the breasts into consistent cutlets eliminates this problem. Thirdly is pounding the breasts into a consistent thickness. This can be equal to slicing into cutlets if the chicken breasts are too irregular in thickness.Lastly is brining the chicken before cooking it. Some people love this method but I find it sometimes delivers less flavorful rubbery chicken.How should you cook a chicken breast to ensure that it remains tender and juicy?8. Temperature sensors for an Arduino sous-vide projectIt sounds like you are asking about the probe only. A PID controller includes a lot than just the feedback sensor, but it sounds like you are not asking about that. If any of this is incorrect, then you should update your question. I also have no idea what a "Sous Vide" thing is. Any information relevant to it should be in your question. Links are only for background material. As Steven mentioned, 1/2 degC is very ambitious and unnecessary when you are talking about food.The easiest temperature sensor will be a thermistor. They can handle the range and otherwise need only a load resistor. The result will also be ratiometric to your supply, so any supply variations cancel out. Detecting failure is easy in firmware since readings very close to the top or bottom of the range indicate unrealistic temperatures. If you get anything outside some valid temperature range, then you assume a hardware failure and enter whatever you think your safe mode is. This is really a firmware issue, not a hardware one with a thermistor and the right load resistor.As for making it food-safe, enclosing the probe in glass should be good. How about epoxying the thermistor to the bottom of a small testtube, which then becomes the probe? The top can be sealed with hot glue or something. It needs to be water tight but food should not be there. Only two insulated wires should emerge from the top of the tube. Glass is fairly good at transmitting heat. The time constant of the probe should still be well less than the time constant from heater power to the food changing temperature.Thermistors are not very accurate unless you pay a lot of money. For a one-off hobby project, I would get whatever thermistor that can be had in the right range and calibrate manually. Calibrate at a few know temperatures determined from a reliable known thermometer, then have the firmware interpolate in between. For extra credit, you can even look up the nominal equation for the thermistor, fit your measured points to it as best as possible, then derive the continuous function from that. You can populate a fixed table in the firmware with many segments from the calibrated function so that linear interpolation between segments will be quite good. Again, 1/2 degC is asking for too much, but you do not really need that much anyway. A thermistor with maybe 4 calibration points, equation fitting, and then interpolation should be fine to solve the actual problem
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