Are There Any Companies That Make Custom Led Tv's?

The companies that make the LED TV's you see in sports stadiums can probably make custom designs. The TV's probably do not have the same resolution as the TV's most people buy, it would have lower resolution

1. I need to change the display frequency of my LED TV - Samsung UN46B8000?

the two the manufacturers are sturdy. besides the shown fact that, while in comparison with Samsung, the overall performance of Sony television is a lot greater greater suitable than Samsung. Its image high quality can not be comparable with the different type. So additionally the sound equipment. My suggestion may be which you opt for Sony television - a hassle unfastened and suited performer.

2. Which LED TV should I buy?

Samsung or LG

3. LED TV vs LCD TV 4 gaming, which is better?

led tvs are thinner, long as there both 1080p no noticable difference in picture

4. connect dvd player to led tv?

the dish receiver takes up 3 yellow, 3 red, and 3 white? huge! I would call Dish and tell them you have upgraded to a HDtv and see about getting a box that supports HDMI. Then I would go to a big box store such as Walmart, Target, or Best Buy, and purchase a Blu-Ray it plays regular dvd's as well. If you dont wish to do this and just want to hook up your dvd player. .look at the back of the dvd player. .find the ports for component video red/green/blue. use that as your video for your dvd player to your tv. Check to see if your dvd player supports digital optical for audio. .and use that instead of red and white for audio

5. What is the best brand LED TV?

Samsung,LG, or Panasonic, take your pick

6. Do i need to get a calibration from best buy for my samsung 7100 led tv?

I respect RT but it is a well know fact that the televisions at the factory are set to "Torch" mode. This means nearly 100% brightness and contrast so the TV will stand out if it use used for a display in a store. I do approve of ISF Calibration - but you can do a basic calibration yourself. Get a Pixar movie. (Up, Cars, Wall-E, etc) and go to the video setup menu. It will have test patterns and instructions of what to adjust. This will give you a rough calibration for the DVD player. Then you mimic the settings and picture for the Sat/Cable/Antenna input (yes - each input may have different settings.) If you want to master your gear - get Digital Video Essentials from Amazon for about $18. It has more test patterns and tutorials so you can calibrate the display yourself. You can always get the professionals to come in later if you want.

7. Connecting 3 LED TV's to play of one BD Player?

most splitters have multiple ins and one out, you need the opposite,,, go to a radio shack and see if they have such an animal

8. i want to cannect led tv to woofer but my samsung led tv is not audio output port plz tell me how to cannect?

Well Satish, I looked up the specs for your Samsung tv and from what I saw you are lucky that it even turns on. The most common thing in the specs list is "No",indicating that it is not capable of much of anything. Be happy with what you have or save up and buy a much better model, checking the specs before buying so that you know what it can and cannot do. Good Luck, keep your chin up and may the sun always shine upon your day.

9. how to program sky remote with samsung smart 3d LED TV?

OMG I love you too. I had ordered a new code tried loads which would not work but the same code worked for me too. Thank you so much

10. What LED TV brand is the best right now?

If I had to buy a new HDTV to day it would probably be a Samsung 7000/8000 or 6500 series. These televisions have been getting outstanding reviews, offer all the features like 3D, etc. But a review of the Samsung "Smart Hub" software in Jan issue of Home Theater magazine made me sit up and take notice. I have been using a small media-server (WD TV live) for a few years and love the apps (Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, etc) and the ability to play my occasional computer files. It turns an ordinary HDTV into a 'smart' HDTV and the number of apps is usually better than the ones built into the televisions or bluray players. The reviewer said that Netflix/Hulu/etc through the Smart Hub produces a BETTER image and sound than using an external media server. Apparently Samsung runs the video through it's internal up-conversion circuits which are very, very good. The D7000/D8000 models have been out for over a year or so and the prices are pretty good. Below is the ordered list of Consumer Reports HDTV's from a month or so ago. Consumer Reports: Sony XBR-55HX929 Sansung UN55ES8000 LG 55LM6200 Sony KDL-55HX850 Sansung UN55ES6500 LG 55LM6700 Panasonic TC-L55ET5

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