Are Takeaway Coffee Cups Recyclable?

A study from the University of Victoria in Canada created a 'break-even' matrix for the energy inputs in production of disposable paper cups compared with reusable plastic, glass and ceramic cups. It found that you would need to use a glass reusable cup 15 times before it becomes equally energy efficient to a paper cup.

Do I bake my cupcakes with the paper cups in the tins??

No, you can use the paper cups or you can use foil cups. They do not burn. I've used them before

How can I get the buyers for paper cups in India?

Probably use the strongest mode of communication. THE GREAT INTERNET

Can I Bake Cupcakes Without Paper Cups?

if you need them to remain fresh till your party, youre better off buying those paper wrappers. In a pinch, you can spray the muffin tins with spray oil and bake them but you run the risk of some of the cupcakes breaking when you remove them from the pan.

Cupcakes recipe without Paper Cups?

just use shortening on your muffin pan

Is it considered impolite to bring nothing but a bottle of soda and paper cups to a potluck, and still help yourself to full plates of what others have cooked or paid more money for?

A pot luck is just that, a plate of food, but if you are going to bring drinks, it should be more than just one bottle

Does using paper cups and bags in fastfood really help?

well u r reuseing rite

an you just only use paper cups for cupcakes instead of using the pan itself?

there is a good chance that if you do not have a 9 x 13 pan with 2 inch high sides to place all the cupcake papers together tightly in, then the batter will push the papers out and they will make a mess. Put the papers tightly together in the pan and then put the batter in them, good luck. Icing: 1/2 cup softened butter, 8 oz of softened brick cream cheese, 5 cups of icing sugar, 1 teaspoon of vanilla. Mix all together with a wooden spoon or an electric mixer on low.

How do you know what paper cups to recycle?

there made of paper? idkk

When baking cupcakes, how much batter do you put in the paper cups?

fill the cup a third of the way up

do coffee spots(starbucks,etc.)allow ppl to bring mugs so that we can save paper cups?

Yup, they sure do. Most coffee shops actually encourage it. They will probably charge you for the size that most closely matches your mug. And for shopping, the most earth-friendly way is the canvas tote. Before I had totes, I would bring my own plastic and paper shopping bags from previous trips and just reuse them until they were too worn out. We shop at a grocery store where you do your own bagging, so the concept was not too ridiculous.

is there any hydrophobic material to be used on paper cups? [closed]

The paper cups I have seen already have wax on the inside to prevent water from soaking the paper

do you need to put paper cups in a muffin tray when you want to bake cupcakes?

No, you are never required to use the little baking cups, but make sure your muffin tin is well greased inside the cups or you may have quite a bit of trouble extracting your cupcakes

Can paper plates, paper towels, paper cups, and plastic silverwear be recycled? I usually throw this away.?

As long as it's clean/dry all of the above is re-recyclable

what experiment can i do with 2 paper cups?

Two cups, a length of string; and you got a telephone. Two cups balanced on the end of a popcycle stick, can be a measuring scale, or on a pencil point act like a wind rotor.

why cant paper cups and plates b recycled?

they can be unless they have food that cant be gotten off. Who told you this?

Where can you buy SHALLOW plastic or paper cups to make jello shots with?

i am not sure, but try a party store or a drugstore

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Border Walls... Good? Or Bad? Who Is Aginst Them and Why... Who Thinks They Are Godd and Why? Reason
Border walls... Good? or bad? who is aginst them and why... who thinks they are godd and why? Reasons GOOD!I think it's good becuase even though it's not long enough it can be used to bottle neck them into different places where they can be more easily caught. A wall better then no wall— — — — — —Would you tear down Trump's wall if it where built and was legal to do so?Tearing it down will likely be performed at the will of the same congress critters who applauded Bill Clinton for proposing a wall— — — — — —What Is an Accent Wall?An accent wall is a wall inside a room that provides a unique focal point for the room. In most cases, the accent wall is painted a different color and is complementary to the other wall colors in the room. Usually, the color that is chosen for the accent wall is a little bit richer and deeper than the other color that is primarily used in the space. It may even be a bold, bright color like red or yellow. Creating an accent wall is simple and may only involve painting the wall or adding something prominent to it. This is the wall that will draw the eye as you enter a room.— — — — — —Cabinetry - WikipediaA cabinet is a case or cupboard with shelves and/or drawers for storing or displaying items. Some cabinets are stand alone while others are built in to a wall or are attached to it like a medicine cabinet. Cabinets are typically made of wood (solid or with veneers or artificial surfaces), coated steel (common for medicine cabinets), or synthetic materials. Commercial grade cabinets usually have a melamine-particleboard substrate and are covered in a high pressure decorative laminate, commonly referred to as Wilsonart or Formica.— — — — — —I need some advice on plastering a long wall?How long is the wall ?..if more than 20 feet and you are new to the game .then by all means do it in two halves ..but modern plaster is very stable and will hold on a wall (trowable) for the best part of an hour if you keep the windows and doors shut ..if you do cut it in half then wet the edge of the new bit and start at that edge and the two edges will blend in easily do not take any notice of what Micheil says . .he is not a plasterer . .do not need pva . .use board finish . .and to get a good finish you do need two coats your coursework will have shown ..if you do it as he says then the wall will bubble badly ..just be confident in yourself and it will be easy . stay calm . you do not get good luck you make it ps ..i am assuming it is a plasterboard wall ..if its a wall with a browning coat ..then apply the top coat the same day if possible— — — — — —How would a border wall help the U.S. Immigration problem?Hardly at all.I assume you are talking about illegal rather than legal immigration.Most of those crossing via the southern border have been allowed in to claim asylum, which is perfectly legal.Most of the illegals entered perfectly legally (at airports and sea ports rather than via the southern border) but overstayed their (legal) visas. Neither of those categories would in any way be affected by a wall, however long and however high.Even those who took a route that would be closed off by a new wall would not necessarily be prevented by it. As Israel has found, once you have a wall, people dig tunnels. Also if the wall is constructed using steel slats, they can be cut pretty easily using a plasma cutter. They only cost $400-500 so you can be sure someone will do it.Perhaps the most crucial factor is that there is not really a significant problem at the southern border anyway. This graph from the US Border Agency shows how the problem has been diminishing significantly since 2000. It is hard to view this as a crisis now.Here's the link to the whole article.Trump's border wall - in seven charts— — — — — —Could somebody get temporarily stuck/"glued” to a wall by way of energy or some other force?I read an IEEE article about how scientists managed to levitate a drop of water using sound. Maybe using a sound to propel someone against a wall could work
Is There a Word for Tremendous Happiness Coupled with Relief?
Is There a Word for Tremendous Happiness Coupled with Relief?
Is jubilation (also, jubilance) what you are after?jubilation: a feeling of or the expression of joy or exultation Random House1. best simple relief for unspeakable problem...?Talk to your pharmacist and ask for a recommendation-- they have proctofoam (is given to moms after childbirth for pain related to the inflammation of hemmorhoids after childbirth)-- sitz baths will help (little bit of warm water in the bottom of the tub, or a nice sprinkle if you have a bidet) make sure you stay NOT constipated, so a natural laxative to keep your stool soft-- Tucks pads help as well-- Otherwise there are several over the counter medications to try and different things work for different people-- If the over the counter products are not working, or if you have very large hemorrhoids you will need to see your physician-- (you need to tell them anyway, but it may necessitate a visit for this specific problem)-- Surgery is drastic, but they do hemorrhoidectomies frequently-- I hope you are feeling better soon-- people laugh and really underestimate the severe pain and discomfort that comes with hemorrhoids-- it can be debilitating.2. What are some quick methods of stress relief that can be done sitting at a desk?The short answer is either use your mind to control your body (mindfulness) or use your body to tell your mind to relax (Deep breathing, progressive relaxation, fidgets, weight on your lap, wrap a shawl around your neck).-mindfulness: The act of noticing all the sensations of your body. Feel the chair that you are sitting on, the feel of your slacks against your legs, the feel of your shirt agai your skin, and your feet in your shoes on the floor. Notice the smells and sounds around you, taste in your mouth and the colors that you see. Notice the feel of the pen in your grasp, and how it glides along the paper, as you sign your name.-deep breathing: Take a deep breath in and expand your belly as you breath in. Lift your tongue to the roof of your mouth and make the "s" sound as you breath out. Lather, rinse, repeat.-progressive relaxation: moving through your body, clench and then release each muscle one by one.-fidget: find something to play with in the palm of your hand. -weight in your lap: place a book in your lap while you are working-wrap a shawl around your neck: pretty much self explanatory.Do you want the long answer or more detailed explanation? Send me an A2A3. I need help, some kind of fungal infection?This is the allergy reaction to the tinea (athlete's foot). It is hanging around in some shoes or socks....or sheets. Hot wash what you can and burn the rest. This happening as a warning from your immune system. Below is my standard patient leaflet, but biased to Candida, which is more common. Do not put steroids on it. 6.Dyshidrosis. (pomphylox, the id reaction) Google images and ...... does it look like this? It is allergy to a dermatophyte, which is any kind of skin loving bug. mold, yeast, bacteria, virus, parasite, pollen. It could be anywhere on or in your body. The rash on the hands(or feet) is just a red flag. Take anti-histamines for immediate relief. Fexofenadine 180mg, and 8 hours later 60mg, then every 8 hours 60mg. This is not the cure. But it will stop the itching. . This condition is your immune system over-reacting to the presence of a dermatophyte. The most common dermatophyte is Candida in its dimorphic, mycelial form in the intestines. Which is often diagnosed as Irritable Bowel Syndrome. (IBS) The cure is really simple, but I very much doubt you can get your doctor to prescribe it for you. You need a two week course of NYSTATIN by drops, 2 million units daily. That is 5 drops 4 times a day: then a 2 week break, then repeat. If this does not work (and I would bet the cost of your doctor visit it does.) you need a drug called Toctino, to be taken for 90 days. This is expensive, and not great for your liver, you will find a cheaper way on the links at . I am studying this condition, also called the 'Id reaction". Can I ask you to tell your doctor to refer to page 651, chapter 17 in the 1st volume of the Textbook of Dermatology by Rook, Wilkingson and Ebling.? This makes it spread.. All the creams you put on your hand will do nothing for the cure of the condition, but soaking your hand in warm water and vinegar will neutralize the histamine and give you a couple of days relief from itching until the histamine builds up again. Neuragena Norwegian Formula glycerine cream under cotton gloves at night is the least irritant. Podiatrist see a lot more of this condition in response to Tinea, which is athlete's foot. MD doctors have only out of date treatments and it is a dogma that steroids will take down the inflammation. True, but they cause the spread to new histamine receptors. In fact, it is my theory that steroid/hormonal changes, ie puberty, the pill, pregnancy and pumping iron and the menopause which are all hormonal/steroid changes are the inciting cause for the yeast Candida Albicans to morph into the opportunistic pathogen of the mycelia form. This is why it is not detected on allergy tests. Everybody has Candida, but not everybody has candidiasis. Only the mycelia form of Candida seems to cause the major histamine reaction which is Dyshidrosis Patient Questions: Do you have any symptoms of IBS? Do you have athlete's foot? Ringworm? Any persistent fungal or bacterial infection? Are you on the Pill? (or HRT) Did you take a course of steroids or antibiotics at about the time the condition started? (prescribed or not...) Thinking back to when this started: Did you move to a new house? Area? Or a new job? Was it moldy? Thinking back to when this started: did you have a stomach upset that persisted, did you suddenly become 'intolerant' to food that had previously not caused you any problems. Can you add any information about the starting point of the condition? (Hospitalized, new relationship, rash, holiday, stress)
Jharkhand Football Team
Jharkhand Football Team
Jharkhand football teamThe Jharkhand football team (Hindi:झारखंड फुटबॉल टीम) is an Indian football team representing Jharkhand in the Santosh Trophy. They have never won the Santosh trophy. They have failed to qualify for the final rounds of 73rd Santosh Trophy (2015).— — — — — —1914 Washington football teamThe 1914 Washington football team was an American football team that represented the University of Washington during the 1914 college football season. In its seventh season under coach Gil Dobie, the team compiled a 6-0-1 record, shut out five of seven opponents, and outscored all opponents by a combined total of 242 to 13. Walter Schiel was the team captain— — — — — —1882 Navy Midshipmen football teamThe 1882 Navy Midshipmen football team represented the United States Naval Academy in the 1882 college football season. The team was the second intercollegiate football squad to represent the United States Naval Academy, and the first since 1879. The team was coached by player-coach Vaulx Carter, and was entirely student-operated. It was captained by squad member Alex Jackson. The team played just a single game, an 8 to 0 (8-0) shutout of Johns Hopkins, which was the school's first ever win. The squad was entirely student operated, and was not supported by the Naval Academy's faculty. The season would mark the beginning of eight season rivalry between the Midshipmen and Johns Hopkins— — — — — —1921 Colgate football teamThe 1921 Colgate football team was an American football team that represented Colgate University as an independent during the 1921 college football season. In its third and final season under head coach Ellery Huntington Jr., the team compiled a 4-4-2 record and outscored opponents by a total of 118 to 105. Robert Webster was the team captain. The team played its home games on Whitnall Field in Hamilton, New York— — — — — —1891 Colgate football teamThe 1891 Colgate football team represented Colgate University in the 1891 college football season.— — — — — —1883 Lafayette football teamThe 1883 Lafayette football team was an American football team that represented Lafayette College as an independent during the 1883 college football season. Playing without a regular coach, the team compiled a 2-4 record and was outscored by a total of 126 to 110. Theodore Welles was the team captain, and F. Drake was the manager. The team played its home games on The Quad in Easton, Pennsylvania— — — — — —I really want to play Football, but everyone keeps bringing me down... Help...?Yes, you should try out for the football team. It is not too late for you to start playing football. What you need to do this summer is eat healthy, and exercise by doing a lot of running every day. If you do these two things, you will greatly improve your chances of being successful in football this season— — — — — —1966 BYU Cougars football teamThe 1966 BYU Cougars football team was an American football team that represented Brigham Young University in the Western Athletic Conference (WAC) during the 1966 NCAA University Division football season. In their third season under head coach Tommy Hudspeth, the Cougars compiled an 8-2 record (3-2 against WAC opponents), tied for second in the WAC, and outscored opponents by a total of 269 to 163. Quarterback Virgil Carter led the country with 2,545 yards of total offense; he also led the team with 2,182 passing yards and 56 points scored. On November 5, 1966, he set new NCAA single-game records with 513 passing yards and 599 yards of total offense against Texas Western. Carter's totals of 513 passing yards and 599 yards of total offense stood as BYU school records until broken by Ty Detmer in 1991. The team's other statistical leaders included John Ogden with 906 rushing yards and Phil Odle with 920 receiving yards. Six BYU players were selected to the all-conference team: wide receiver Phil Odle; guard Grant Wilson; quarterback Virgil Carter; fullback John Ogden; linebacker Curg Belcher; and safety Bobby Roberts.— — — — — —1901 VPI football teamThe 1901 VPI football team represented Virginia Agricultural and Mechanical College and Polytechnic Institute in the 1901 college football season. The team was led by their head coach A. B. Morrison, Jr. and finished with a record of six wins and one loss (6-1)— — — — — —Cheerleaders will be chosing "Fan of the Week" at football games, what kind of items can they give the fan?Check with the school's parent football association (our school has the Quarterback Club, which is the parent association that raises money for the football team) and see if they have T-Shirts that you can buy at a discount. They may offer you last years shirts at a great price. Also, maybe a "Spirit Box, known as a FANtastic Box". This is a shoe box that the cheerleaders decorate (with words from magazines, or words typed on MWord and printed-like Awesome, Fantastic, etc and fill with candy or other inexpensive goodies). Check with the football association at your school for things. We also let the fan of the week hold our Megaphone. We only have one giant one, so the fan of the week gets to hold it and yell through it. They love it. Remember to clean it well after use, though. After the game, our squad poses with the FOTW in a picture that is displayed in the local paper, and the FOTW gets a copy of the pic.
Loop  140
Loop 140
Loop 140Loop 140 was a state highway loop in Borger. Loop 140 was designated on September 22, 1942 as a loop off SH 117 in Borger. On April 2, 1969 the section from Spur 119 south to SH 207 was cancelled and the route was changed to Spur 140.— — — — — —Loop-the-Loop (disambiguation)Loop-the-Loop (or loop the loop, loop-de-loop) is an aerobatic maneuver where an aircraft completes a vertical loop. It may also may refer to:— — — — — —SP2 Reboot loop question?try downloading sp2 again from microsoft website and look at its digital signature in properties (double click the publisher) to make sure its the original version from microsoft. Apart from that, it should normally work flawlessly— — — — — —Colorado City business loopBusiness Interstate Highway 20-J or Bus. I-20-J is a business loop of Interstate 20 that passes through Colorado City in Mitchell County commissioned in 1990. The 5.9-mile (9.5 km) route begins at Interstate 20 Exit 213 and runs along Second St. through Colorado City ending at I-20 Exit 219B. The route has major intersections with SH 163, SH 208, FM 1983, and runs concurrently for several blocks with Bus. SH 208-B on Colorado City's east side. The business loop follows the route of the former US 80 through Colorado City before January 14, 1963 when US 80 was rerouted along the present Interstate bypass. At that time the former route through town was designated as Texas State Highway Loop 377 although it was signed as a US 80 business route. It retained the Loop 377 designation until June 21, 1990 when it was reclassified with its present Interstate business route designation. The number will be reused on March 26, 2020 for Spur 377 in Williamson County. The entire route is in Mitchell County.— — — — — —Loop 201Loop 201 was a state highway loop in Baytown. Loop 201 was designated on September 23, 1959 as a redesignation of Spur 201 when it was extended northeast to SH 146 at McKinney Road. On October 22, 1976 the road was extended east 1.1 miles to SH 146 near Ferry Road. Loop 201 was cancelled on March 28, 1996 and became a portion of SH 146 when it was rerouted.— — — — — —Causal loop diagramA causal loop diagram (CLD) is a causal diagram that aids in visualizing how different variables in a system are interrelated. The diagram consists of a set of nodes and edges. Nodes represent the variables and edges are the links that represent a connection or a relation between the two variables. A link marked positive indicates a positive relation and a link marked negative indicates a negative relation. A positive causal link means the two nodes change in the same direction, i.e. if the node in which the link starts decreases, the other node also decreases. Similarly, if the node in which the link starts increases, the other node increases as well. A negative causal link means the two nodes change in opposite directions, i.e. if the node in which the link starts increases, the other node decreases and vice versa. Closed cycles in the diagram are very important features of the CLDs. A closed cycle is either defined as a reinforcing or balancing feedback loop. A reinforcing loop is a cycle in which the effect of a variation in any variable propagates through the loop and returns to the variable reinforcing the initial deviation i.e. if a variable increases in a reinforcing loop the effect through the cycle will return an increase to the same variable and vice versa. A balancing loop is the cycle in which the effect of a variation in any variable propagates through the loop and returns to the variable a deviation opposite to the initial one i.e. if a variable increases in a balancing loop the effect through the cycle will return a decrease to the same variable and vice versa. If a variable varies in a reinforcing loop the effect of the change reinforces the initial variation. The effect of the variation will then create another reinforcing effect. Without breaking the loop the system will be caught in a vicious cycle of circular chain reactions. For this reason, closed loops are critical features in the CLDs. Example of positive reinforcing loop: The amount of the Bank Balance will affect the amount of the Earned Interest, as represented by the top blue arrow, pointing from Bank Balance to Earned Interest. Since an increase in Bank balance results in an increase in Earned Interest, this link is positive, which is denoted with a "". The Earned interest gets added to the Bank balance, also a positive link, represented by the bottom blue arrow. The causal effect between these nodes forms a positive reinforcing loop, represented by the green arrow, which is denoted with an "R".
Why Gable Boxes Are Convenient Than Other Customized Boxes?
Why Gable Boxes Are Convenient Than Other Customized Boxes?
Many of the things at intervals supermarkets and department shops were shipped safely to the shop in cardboard boxes product of corrugated board and lots of times the product area unit displayed in these boxes.If you are involved in marketing it is perfect to get your message across, if you are working point of sale you get extra exposure, if you are in distribution then you can identify your products ad company with ease, direct mailing promotion can also use smaller versions of printed tape and of course advertising agencies will find a lot of uses for this style of tape.If you have got youngsters otherwise you simply fancy craft activities as a hobby, then it’s a decent plan to save lots of and recycle empty bottles, boxes, newspapers, paper plates, and many alternative things, just in case you bump into some nice craft tutorials that you just might wish to create.Today it is important to have a story behind your brand that tells the customer who you are, why you got started, what you stand for and what your mission is. Storytelling has become an important part of marketing and allows the customer to relate to your business and understand what you are about.The modern lottery trade is very complicated, offering a zoo of products that are designed and administered with the aid of computers (cash games with a drawing, instant scratch-off games, video lottery games, keno), and therefore the sales of all of those tickets add up to a staggering yearly figure: $80 billion.·RELATED QUESTIONWhat are POP materials when it comes to advertising?Here are the most common POP signage.The Pop Up CounterThese are used when a brand wants to give out product samples or do product demos.Image source: Portable Counters | Exhibition Tables | Fast TAT AUS WideThe Cardboard Display StandsBunting FlagsBunting flags are not as common as before however a small number of brands still use this.Image source: Shelf TalkersProduct BinsThese are some of the most popular displays that brands use to promote their products in-store.
Questions About Canada's Health Care System?
Questions About Canada's Health Care System?
Questions about Canada's Health Care System?In some provinces you pay a monthly premium, in some you do not . In mine, you pay $54 a month for one person, less per person for more than two in a family, and there is assistance up to 100% of that if you are low income or temporarily broke. If you do not pay your premiums and do not apply for assistance, you still get medical treatment but they will treat the unpaid premiums like any other bad debt. Yes, there is private health insurance, a common benefit through work, which pays for things the provincial plans do not pay for. Dental care and eyeglasses are not covered by the provincial medical plans, for instance. Taxes are probably higher for everyone on average, though of course the higher your income the more you pay as a rule. Taxes does not mean just income tax. We pay sales tax on a variety of things. Cosmetic surgery is not covered unless it's needed to repair something resulting from an accident or for medical reasons. I had breast reduction surgery, to make the side that had not had cancer match the side that had. That was covered. I would say the health care sytem is light years better than the one in the US. No one in Canada will ever be forced to mortgage their house or max out all their credit to pay for medical treatment, or have to worry about how they will pay for it all while they are trying to get better. That's the last thing a seriously ill person needs, to worry about large bills that they are not sure how they will pay, or to wonder if after it's all over, their premiums will go sky high or if coverage will be denied in future. Pre-existing conditions have no effect whatsoever on what is covered by medical plans in Canada. As I pointed out, the plans do not cover absolutely everything, but they cover pretty much anything you really need. They do not cover drugs, but there are some assistance plans in place for those, depending on your age and income. But if you go to any medical doctor for anything, it's covered. There's no deductible. You do not have to come up with any cash if you need to see a doctor. The system can be slow for non-life-threatening things but can be amazingly fast when it really matters. When they thought I might have cancer; they did a biopsy on Friday, and my oncologist called me Saturday morning to tell me to be at the chemo clinic on Monday. That's fast.— — — — — —Is this the kind of rationed health care system we want in the United States?That is a very extreme view, and not a single country with Universal Heal-care has it that bad— — — — — —In Canada, how does the health care system work?Canada has outlawed all private practices as Obama will eventually do here in the US. The wait times are 8-10 times longer in Canada than the US. If your grandmother is not going to die from a bad hip then you can expect her to wait many years for a hip replacement compare that to about a week in the US. Plus, the government may not do a hip replacement for a 65 citizen at all.— — — — — —How do you like your health care system in England?I can see a doctor quickly in an emergency but he/she is unlikely to examine me, just give me tablets or refer me to a hospital. I think they are great individuals who have risen above a service that is burdened with incompetent administration and too much of it and a lot of lazy and or burnt out people. But, then almost everything public and private in Britain, is run like this— — — — — —how would you improve the u.s. health care system?Make a treaty with Canada and have every American go there to have their healthcare. Those that want to opt out can pay their own way if they want to— — — — — —Is the Canadian Univeral Health-Care System what Hillary propses for US?Well, now that you let your friend, Dean, RANT, I will answer your original question: No, this IS NOT what Hillary proposes! (Why do not you read what she has proposed before trying to make everyone believe it is the same thing that "Dean" complains about? Or would that comparison of "one person's opinion" v an unstated alternative not work?) Nice try, but no cigar!!!
How Do You Address a Nurse Who Is Your Primary Care Provider (e.g. APN)? Is "Hello, Nurse Doe", Or "
How Do You Address a Nurse Who Is Your Primary Care Provider (e.g. APN)? Is "Hello, Nurse Doe", Or "
How do you address a nurse who is your primary care provider (e.g. APN)? Is "Hello, Nurse Doe", or "Hello, Jane" more acceptable?Depends on the nurse. Usually the RNs in the hospital that are your caregivers ask to be identified by their first names. If they do not, I would address them as Ms. Doe until they told me otherwise. But a nurse practitioner with a doctorate might wish to be called Dr. ______ due to her higher level of education. If she introduces herself by her first name only, then it should be okay to call her that. If she says both her first and last name, I would probably call her Dr. Doe until she asked me to call her by her first name. You can also take a cue from her helper nurse: if they refer to her by her first name to you, then it is likely okay for you to use that term of address to her— — — — — —Do you think nurse practitioners will be used extensively for primary care if health care reform passes?In many cases they already are— — — — — —Seniors, Is your primary care doctor younger then your grown children?Yes I am lucky Marilyn in that I have a doctor who is a similar age to me and is never in any hurry to rush through his appointments before going on to the next one. I too have a knee problem in the right leg and have had it for years but with careful management I can live with it as major surgery for one reason or another is not advisable. Here's hoping your doctor whatever age he/she is can help you out as I know some knee problems can be very debilitating.— — — — — —Enfield Primary Care NHS TrustEnfield Primary Care NHS Trust was an English National Health Service Primary Care Trust (PCT) responsible for health care in Enfield, in North London which was abolished in April 2013. It was co-terminous with Enfield Borough, having, like other London PCTs escaped reorganisation in the 2006 reconfiguration of primary care in the UK. It comes within the remit of NHS London strategic health authority. Two NHS hospitals are located in the trust's area: Chase Farm Hospital in the north, and North Middlesex University Hospital in the south-east. This relative 'overprovision' of hospital facilities in the area, especially given the proximity of the larger London teaching hospitals, is an underlying factor in the financial problems which have troubled the trust. The trust is seeking to assist reconfiguration of facilities, including a transfer of provision from hospitals to the community, in line with the policy of the Blair and Brown governments. However, since 2006 local newspapers, politicians and MPs have attacked plans to reduce services at Chase Farm. which has impeded the proposed changes. In 2008 Enfield Council referred the changes to an Independent Review Panel, which broadly endorsed them in its report of September 2008. The trust also faced significant health inequalities in its area due to demographic differences. The high proportion of ethnic minority populations, and poorer quality of housing, in the south and east of Enfield means that life expectancy in these areas is up to 8 years shorter than for the wealthier area in north-west Enfield. The Trust held monthly board meetings which are open for the public to attend.— — — — — —Vs. direct primary careBoth are variants of the traditional practice of medicine or primary care most common in the United States during the twentieth century. They represent a financial relationship that changes the sole dependency on a traditional insurance model. Direct primary care (DPC) is a term often linked to its companion in health care, 'concierge medicine'. Although the two terms are similar and belong to the same family, 'concierge medicine' encompasses many different health care delivery models, would irect primary care' being one of them. SimilaritiesDirect Primary Care practices, similar in philosophy to their concierge medicine lineage, bypass insurance and go for a more would irect' financial relationship with patients and also provide comprehensive care and preventive services. DifferencesDPC practices remove one of the financial barriers to accessing care whenever it is needed: the DPC annual fee often includes most or all physician services. This model does not rely on insurance co-pays, deductibles, or co-insurance fees, in contrast to models such as MDVIP and 1 on 1 MD, where the annual fee is structured to cover a wellness plan so that doctors may charge insurance or Medicare for most other services. DPC is a mass-market variant of concierge medicine, distinguished by its low prices. Simply stated, the biggest difference between direct primary care and retainer based practices is that DPC takes a flat rate fee whereas models usually charge an annual retainer fee and promise more access to the doctor.
Renormalization Group Invariant Objects of a Quantum Field Theory
Renormalization Group Invariant Objects of a Quantum Field Theory
Renormalization group invariant objects of a quantum field theorybeginequation beginsplit fracd(g_bmu^epsilon)dlogmu^2&=fracmu2fracd(g_bmu^epsilon)dmu &=fracmu2left[mu^epsilonfracdg_bdmug_bfracdmu^epsilondmuight] endsplit endequation By definition, the bare coupling does not depend on the renormalization scale $mu$. Hence beginequation fracd(g_bmu^epsilon)dlogmu^2=fracepsilon g_b2mu^epsilon, endequation which vanishes as $epsilonightarrow 0$.Edit: Notice that the authors define beginequation a_B=Z_as a_s, endequation where $a_B$ is the bare coupling and $a_s$ is the renormalized coupling, with beginequation a_sequivfracg(mu^2)16pi^2. endequation In order to keep the coupling $g$ dimensionless in dimensional regularization, we must introduce the dimensionfull quantity $mu$, so that in $d=4-2epsilon$ dimensions we have beginequation gightarrow mu^epsilong, endequation or beginequation a_sightarrow mu^2epsilona_s. endequation Hence beginequation a_Bmu^2epsilon=Z_asa_smu^2epsilon. endequation Ordinarily (in my experience) we conclude that the bare coupling itself is invariant under the renormalization group flow because we have already included the scale $mu$ in its definition, i.e. beginequation a_B=Z_asa_smu^2epsilon. endequation However, based on the author's convention, we must include the scale $mu$ on both sides of this equation. Now that we have ensured that the dimensions will be preserved, we can say that beginequation fracd(a_Bmu^2epsilon)dlogmu^2=0. endequation— — — — — —Momentum eigenstates in an interacting quantum field theoryI am thinking about this too. I decided on the following. The one particle states we are talking about are always one particle states of the Full interacting theory. Therefore, the in field operators are not operators of the free theory. They are just the field operators at t -> inf. They are still very much operators of the full theory, acting on states in the Hilbert space of the full theory. However, the infield operators have the property of satisfying the Klein-Gordon equation. So actually the single particle states are created by them. When you hit a single particle state with an infield operator you just create or destroy 1 particle. Bear in mind this is all happening in the full interaction theory Hilbert space. We are not going back and forth between free and interacting theory!What happens when you use a field operator (not infield, just plain old phi) to act on single particle states? You get a mess, the state becomes a superposition of many particles. Even though that happens, eqn 16. 36 still becomes zero, because it just relies on the fact that the single particle states are momentum states on the mass shell (p2 - m2 = 0), and some properties of the P operator (of the full theory).So in summary, all the states, operators and fields (including infields) are of the Full theory. There is no contradiction!One thing Im struggling to see is why in the interacting theory, you need to rescale the fields. Its easy to get lost in the long chain of arguments. Is there an example or analogy from perturbation theory of single particle QM?— — — — — —Quantum field theoryQuantization of the electromagnetic fieldIn 1910, Peter Debye derived Planck's law of black-body radiation from a relatively simple assumption. He decomposed the electromagnetic field in a cavity into its Fourier modes, and assumed that the energy in any mode was an integer multiple of h displaystyle hu , where displaystyle u is the frequency of the electromagnetic mode. Planck's law of black-body radiation follows immediately as a geometric sum. However, Debye's approach failed to give the correct formula for the energy fluctuations of black-body radiation, which were derived by Einstein in 1909. In 1925, Born, Heisenberg and Jordan reinterpreted Debye's concept in a key way. As may be shown classically, the Fourier modes of the electromagnetic field-a complete set of electromagnetic plane waves indexed by their wave vector k and polarization state-are equivalent to a set of uncoupled simple harmonic oscillators. Treated quantum mechanically, the energy levels of such oscillators are known to be E = n h displaystyle E=nhu , where displaystyle u is the oscillator frequency. The key new step was to identify an electromagnetic mode with energy E = n h displaystyle E=nhu as a state with n displaystyle n photons, each of energy h displaystyle hu . This approach gives the correct energy fluctuation formula. Dirac took this one step further. He treated the interaction between a charge and an electromagnetic field as a small perturbation that induces transitions in the photon states, changing the numbers of photons in the modes, while conserving energy and momentum overall. Dirac was able to derive Einstein's A i j displaystyle A_ij and B i j displaystyle B_ij coefficients from first principles, and showed that the Bose-Einstein statistics of photons is a natural consequence of quantizing the electromagnetic field correctly (Bose's reasoning went in the opposite direction; he derived Planck's law of black-body radiation by assuming B-E statistics). In Dirac's time, it was not yet known that all bosons, including photons, must obey Bose-Einstein statistics. Dirac's second-order perturbation theory can involve virtual photons, transient intermediate states of the electromagnetic field; the static electric and magnetic interactions are mediated by such virtual photons. In such quantum field theories, the probability amplitude of observable events is calculated by summing over all possible intermediate steps, even ones that are unphysical; hence, virtual photons are not constrained to satisfy E = p c displaystyle E=pc , and may have extra polarization states; depending on the gauge used, virtual photons may have three or four polarization states, instead of the two states of real photons. Although these transient virtual photons can never be observed, they contribute measurably to the probabilities of observable events. Indeed, such second-order and higher-order perturbation calculations can give apparently infinite contributions to the sum. Such unphysical results are corrected for using the technique of renormalization. Other virtual particles may contribute to the summation as well; for example, two photons may interact indirectly through virtual electron-positron pairs. Such photon-photon scattering (see two-photon physics), as well as electron-photon scattering, is meant to be one of the modes of operations of the planned particle accelerator, the International Linear Collider. In modern physics notation, the quantum state of the electromagnetic field is written as a Fock state, a tensor product of the states for each electromagnetic mode | n k 0 | n k 1 | n k n ... displaystyle |n_k_0angle otimes |n_k_1angle otimes dots otimes |n_k_nangle dots where | n k i displaystyle |n_k_iangle represents the state in which n k i displaystyle ,n_k_i photons are in the mode k i displaystyle k_i . In this notation, the creation of a new photon in mode k i displaystyle k_i (e.g., emitted from an atomic transition) is written as | n k i | n k i 1 displaystyle |n_k_iangle ightarrow |n_k_i1angle . This notation merely expresses the concept of Born, Heisenberg and Jordan described above, and does not add any physics. As a gauge bosonThe electromagnetic field can be understood as a gauge field, i.e., as a field that results from requiring that a gauge symmetry holds independently at every position in spacetime. For the electromagnetic field, this gauge symmetry is the Abelian U(1) symmetry of complex numbers of absolute value 1, which reflects the ability to vary the phase of a complex field without affecting observables or real valued functions made from it, such as the energy or the Lagrangian. The quanta of an Abelian gauge field must be massless, uncharged bosons, as long as the symmetry is not broken; hence, the photon is predicted to be massless, and to have zero electric charge and integer spin. The particular form of the electromagnetic interaction specifies that the photon must have spin 1; thus, its helicity must be displaystyle pm hbar . These two spin components correspond to the classical concepts of right-handed and left-handed circularly polarized light. However, the transient virtual photons of quantum electrodynamics may also adopt unphysical polarization states. In the prevailing Standard Model of physics, the photon is one of four gauge bosons in the electroweak interaction; the other three are denoted W, W and Z0 and are responsible for the weak interaction. Unlike the photon, these gauge bosons have mass, owing to a mechanism that breaks their SU(2) gauge symmetry. The unification of the photon with W and Z gauge bosons in the electroweak interaction was accomplished by Sheldon Glashow, Abdus Salam and Steven Weinberg, for which they were awarded the 1979 Nobel Prize in physics. Physicists continue to hypothesize grand unified theories that connect these four gauge bosons with the eight gluon gauge bosons of quantum chromodynamics; however, key predictions of these theories, such as proton decay, have not been observed experimentally. Hadronic propertiesMeasurements of the interaction between energetic photons and hadrons show that the interaction is much more intense than expected by the interaction of merely photons with the hadron's electric charge. Furthermore, the interaction of energetic photons with protons is similar to the interaction of photons with neutrons in spite of the fact that the electric charge structures of protons and neutrons are substantially different. A theory called Vector Meson Dominance (VMD) was developed to explain this effect. According to VMD, the photon is a superposition of the pure electromagnetic photon which interacts only with electric charges and vector mesons. However, if experimentally probed at very short distances, the intrinsic structure of the photon is recognized as a flux of quark and gluon components, quasi-free according to asymptotic freedom in QCD and described by the photon structure function. A comprehensive comparison of data with theoretical predictions was presented in a review in 2000. Contributions to the mass of a systemThe energy of a system that emits a photon is decreased by the energy E displaystyle E of the photon as measured in the rest frame of the emitting system, which may result in a reduction in mass in the amount E / c 2 displaystyle E/c^2 . Similarly, the mass of a system that absorbs a photon is increased by a corresponding amount. As an application, the energy balance of nuclear reactions involving photons is commonly written in terms of the masses of the nuclei involved, and terms of the form E / c 2 displaystyle E/c^2 for the gamma photons (and for other relevant energies, such as the recoil energy of nuclei). This concept is applied in key predictions of quantum electrodynamics (QED, see above). In that theory, the mass of electrons (or, more generally, leptons) is modified by including the mass contributions of virtual photons, in a technique known as renormalization. Such "radiative corrections" contribute to a number of predictions of QED, such as the magnetic dipole moment of leptons, the Lamb shift, and the hyperfine structure of bound lepton pairs, such as muonium and positronium. Since photons contribute to the stress-energy tensor, they exert a gravitational attraction on other objects, according to the theory of general relativity. Conversely, photons are themselves affected by gravity; their normally straight trajectories may be bent by warped spacetime, as in gravitational lensing, and their frequencies may be lowered by moving to a higher gravitational potential, as in the Pound-Rebka experiment. However, these effects are not specific to photons; exactly the same effects would be predicted for classical electromagnetic waves.
Five American School Children Were Sent Home For?
Five American School Children Were Sent Home For?
Five American school children were sent home for?I wonder how many people realize American troops Fought alongside The Mexican troops against the FRENCH army resulting in the Holiday that is Cinco De Mayo? Maybe we Should put that fun fact on a T-Shirt for next so at least everyone knows what they are so pissy about. Thanks A lot Napoleon.— — — — — —Why are some people opposed to a free lunch for elementary school children?by doing so we teach children there will be free stuff the rest of their lives.a fat man in a red suit will bring then 400 dollar cell phones on 25 december.that with only a dollar they can win a million bucks on the lottery. . they look in their mailbox and see they are runner up in Ed Mc Mans publishers clearing house.they get calls that they won exotic vacations and believe it.,they begin to think that they need not learn a trade and work because they can stand along a street to stop cars and get free money to buy pot or crack. then they decide that others are responsible for their upkeep— — — — — —Do you think home schooling or virtual education is better than the traditional or brick and mortar school for children?Both home schooling and traditional schools have pluses and minuses. If all things are equal, meaning the teachers in both cases are competent, then home schooling is better.Your child gets one on one attentionYour child only spends 3 hrs a day doing "school"Your child is much more engaged in the real world by being out and about. Field trips are a regular occurrenceThey can sleep past 6amWhen the weather is bad, you do not need to skip classesWhen the weather is good, you CAN skip classesMy daughter loves home schooling. We do belong to a co-op so she gets plenty of social interaction with her peers. We've talked about maybe her trying traditional school but when we get to the 8 hr school day she's "nope" lol. Do not be afraid to consider home schooling. It's a wonderful thing— — — — — —Children's sci-fi story about a group of British(?) school children who find an alien animalI think that you are thinking of The Moonball, by Ursula Moray Williams. I remember the scene where the Moonball is cut open and grows tremendously in size.Summary from Kirkus Reviews:A round hairy object--no legs, no ears, no tail, no eyes, not even a heart beating--appears on the cricket field after a sudden, terrifying storm, and the children dub it moonball--a useful appellation which is part identification, part imagination. But moonball is more than it first appears--it is the minimum animal, sensibility objectified. In their efforts to save it from an overbearing, fatuous scientist, the children discover its "strange, funny ways, odd endearments, its comfort and its beauty." They are happier, less fractious, and one boy, Freddie the Nipper, "a kind of Huckleberry Finn," is relieved of his rebellious stance and reunited with his father. As symbol, moonball is the familiar magic stone or magic key; but as object it is touching in its tenderness, awful in its fury, hilarious in its calculated contrariness. The quick characterization of individuals minimizes identification and the deep-rooted descriptive style demands close attention, but the substance will sustain the serious reader who can be persuaded to try a book that is bigger than its size— — — — — —math circles video lectures for school children? has some interesting videos on Algebra, Trigonometry and Statistics.MIT Open Course Ware has a nice collection of lectures on Single-Variable Calculus— — — — — —need ideas for pre-school children age ideas for activities on growing?I used to have a project box when my kids were little. It was filled with sequins, colored pipe cleaners, colored paper, paste, scissors, wooden shapes, felt, etc. and I would pull it out on rainy days or when I had a babysitter or when they were just bored and they would be creative and occupied for hours.— — — — — —Schooling children with disability today (just wandering)?I graduated from top institution 25 years in the past, and disabled children did not even pass to institution within the identical structures as we did. I used to be fortunate, despite the fact that. One of my cousins is autistic and I additionally babysat a huge form of youngsters with quite a lot of problems. Deaf, blind, down's syndrome, and others. I feel when you consider that of my cousin I used to be uniquely ready to manage those different youngsters as participants and paintings with them to achieve something had to be performed within the direction of the sitting. (For illustration I can not fairly realise or use ASL, just a few indicators, however I used to be nonetheless equipped to permit the deaf youngsters I watched understand that it used to be time to consume, or take a tub, or pass to mattress, and so forth. I bear in mind them fondly when you consider that they have been mischevious little stinkers. They did not fairly misbehave however they cherished to play pranks and giggled like maniacs at any time when they placed some thing over on me.) Anyway, one in every of my grandsons is autistic and a different has Asperger's. I am fairly in view that writing my possess kid's guide approximately it, when you consider that I am concerned approximately what is going to occur while Aidan (with Autism) begins kindergarten. Kaleb (has Asperger's) will likely be within the moment grade this yr and he is had an excessively, very difficult time adjusting. I feel that a few concentration schooling might aid them significantly. I understand I've labored with all of my grandchildren on being mindful of different humans and why they would act in a different way than you assume considering that they have been very younger
What Do You Mean by Quality Product and Quality Service?
What Do You Mean by Quality Product and Quality Service?
What do you mean by quality product and quality service?the good which a company can produce and the costumer or consumers are satisfied to it. And which meet to it standard level and all the quality management process are apply by them such is quality planning, quality control and quality improvement— — — — — —Support and Quality ControlIn the two large regions of Canterbury and Auckland, local networks of OSCAR service providers have secured an agreement to receive funding directly, thus being able to employ their own OSCAR advisers. Regional networks (OSCN in Auckland and The Christchurch OSCAR Network in Canterbury) the advisers report on service delivery to the OSCAR Foundation. The OSCAR Foundation, formally the national body went into liquidation in May 2012.— — — — — —How do products like the overheating Snapdragon CPU make it through quality control?There is no good reason to think that Qualcomm's QC people did not detect the problem. It's what you do about it that is the problem. That there is or ever was a problem is denied by Qualcomm, some users and some independent testers.High performance ICs generate substantial thermal output and all things being equal , output increases approximately linearly with throughput (as a major factor in energy loss is related to capacitive node charge / discharge, with energy dissipation being proportional to switching cycles per second).In new device aimed at being near the front in a competitive market, the manufacturer may strive for raw output first and efficiencies second. Temperature relates to both thermal output and the ability to handle the heat. A device that is pushed towards the upper limits of a technology may be less efficient and require the device user to take more extensive efforts to cool it. In the finite space available 'corners may be cut'. Some manufacturers (eg Samsung) have gone to newer lower lithographic width devices to achieve the needed efficiencies. Qualcomm chose not to and as the devices are made by a third party, the drive to be faster sooner apparently swamped the awareness of the need to be better cooled. Some prospective users have addressed the problem by "baling out". Others by denying the problem exists as long as possible and then "writing software" to fix it. This is no doubt a painful learning experience. The project manager is unlikely to have the same problem again as (one can guess) he probably now works somewhere else, and Qualcomm will no doubt take greater notice of their QC department.The "answer" very much deep-ends on who you believe. I am not an expert at all on this. I asked Google - and found that a lot of people are not experts but there does seem to be at least one good looking answer available as to what is really happening. It seems they pushed too far too fast, used a fab house who was good but not as good as their cooperative opposition (Samsung) and allowed themselves to be less 'hands on' over the results until too late. (Almost*) ALL multicore processors in top end phones run into thermal speed limiting with time. Some limit more than others. The 810 is worst than most. (The Snapdragon 801 in eg the HTC One M8 at 2.3 Ghz seems to be an exception to the general rule). The following does not so much advise "how" but rather what did or did not happen and how transparent people were about it and what is really happening and when it was known. The following are almost in 'order I found them'. I could have reordered by date but its interesting to see that the date and what is said largely do not correlate well. Here on May 6th Qualcomm deny that there is a problem in commercial products, as opposed to preproduction prototypes.Here on April 4th various user and manufacturere's spkesmen are being less than traansparent.Here on June 15th . Sony are claimed to have admitted to problems with the 810 in their Z3 after users demonstrated the ability to crash it by recording video. Sony advice a software fix will be provided. A software fix is a rather suspect way of fixing thermal issues. Here on January 29th Qualcomm adumbrate that Samsung had decided not to use the 810 and to use an internal Samsung processor instead.BUT on April 3oth the same source Qualcomm indicate that samsung may manufacture the snapdragon for the in future, and they say a decisin by LG to use a qualcomm hex core processor instead of the octal core snapdragon was made a year ago and is not due to any overheating issues and probably says that they will limit power use by reducing processing speeds for selected applicaations (where selected might mean "all". . And/but on Feb 5th it is advised here that there never was a problem and BESIDES it has already been fixed, maybe.Which leads to the Best picture you will get, probably:Fairly definitively, on Feb 24th here some actual thermal tests. Nice time versus processor speed tests for range of processors. What happened? Qualcomm pushed things a bit far. the processor was made for them by TSMC in Taiwan. The device uses a number of ARM Cortex cores. How these are implemented varies with manufacturer. Samsung are using a smaller transistor process than TSMC. The smaller lower power process is really needed. They say:AND just to add balance, on March 2nd, these people - "SemiAccurate" - say there is no problem never was a problem, it's all made up and here are the lab tests to prove it. They claim to have investigated in depth and it was essentially a FUD campaign by a Korean phone manufacturer whose name begins with Samsung. I liked the time/temperature graphs.
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