Are Regular (non-grow) Led Lights Ok for Orchids?

you need to purchase UV LED lights that are used for growing to be plant life indoors. those lights are low capability and bring little or no warmth and that they are risk-free. yet they are lots greater costly than properly-known incandescent lights.

1. How to make the led lights from a computer case flash to the beat of a song using some kind of softwere.?

never been done before

2. Stores that sell Interior LED lights for cars?

i replaced into born in 1991. whilst i replaced into born my mom offered me a evidence coin set from my start 12 months. so as that could desire to be properly worth extremely lots. perchance some thing like my wedding ceremony and engagement ring or a can of petrol. I think of that in the time of 200 years gold and petrol would be enormously uncommon and correctly worth a remarkable bit :) sturdy success with your scholarship!!

3. Is there anything illegal about having green LED lights attached on a car?

Non emergency vehicles are permitted (and supposed) to have white, orange/yellow and red lights only. Some restrictions apply, such as undercarriage lights "decorative/sporty" lights, but be aware, rules can change with the town, city, county... Just because (example) the town of Johnstown permits them, does not mean (example) Holter 2 miles away will permit them.

4. How many 10 watt LED lights can I run from 1 13amp plug wired into a junction box?

at 13 amps and 120 volts you get 1560 watts divide by 10 and you get 156 so you can run 156 of them

5. What's the real Pros of using LED lights?

NEVER burn out

6. Which types of led lights should i use for my subs?

i know they come with instructions so follow them

7. My 50" Plasma Model number DP50747 Will not come on. No LED lights no nothing. I was watching it and then bam?

If you got warranty get calling them to see about replacing it. If not then look into buying another, be careful about asking about a repair cost, the price might give you a heart attack

8. Why do LED lights flicker when tankless water heater is running?

We recently had a tankless water heater installed and had the same blinking/flickering of the lights. I m in the process of troubleshooting but here s what I m finding out. The heater has 2 elements and with only the bathroom sink running the lights flicker and with the tub and sink running the flicker stops. Looking at the diagram and control circuit I see they use high current fast switching triacs/SCRs (mosfets/transistors). Under a low volume water load the triacs work more rapidly switching off/on to regulate the current causing the lights to flicker and when under a heavier water load the triacs work harder with less switching to provide more current so the lights don t flicker. Odd but I highly suspect that s the issue. Some possible fixes might be to replace the control board and check the breaker locations of the water heater and the location in the main panel of the light that flickers. Move them to different positions in the main panel might help. That s my next step but I better understand what I m dealing with now.

9. Anyone use submersible LED lights? Where'd you get yours? I bought several items at this website and was happy with my order.

10. How do you solve the "half strand out" problem in a strand of LED lights?

One of the bulbs in the light strand is defective could be more than one bulb. Find the defective bulbs in the strands and you will have a full working 100 light strand. I've been doing this for the past two weeks hanging my christmas decorations. That was the problem in every strand that did this to me.

11. i need help with LED lights and stuff?

you can buy cheap neons from wallmart for cars and cut the wires and splice them hook them up to your radio pos n neg...they will be brighter the louder you get and beat with the bass...good luck

12. What can I do with two LED lights?

wnat you need to do is to check on ledlightsworld ,this would be much help .,good luck

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How to Decorate Using LED Light Strips | LEDwatcher
How to decorate using LED light strips | LEDwatcherIf you are really into using LED light strips to decorate your home but are having a hard time to see creative ways to make your own house pop with these lights then we have a solution for you. There are plenty of interesting ways that you can use LED lights in your home to make your life easier or even create a beautiful and attractive environment around you. On top of that, LED lights are cheap and easy to put up mean that you can have lots of fun while decorating. And even people who are not that great with technology can install LED lights in their homes because it is not that hard to do. So keep on reading to get some great ideas for decorating your home with LED lights. LED lights are great for making abnormally dark areas more inviting. For example, you may not like walking outside after dark too much especially if you live in a secluded area. So by installing LED lights around your home, you can make the surrounding area of your home brighter, lighter and less scary. You can also easily keep the LED lights on overnight just in case you need to run out for something since they do not consume that much energy. They are also not as blinding as a regular porch light, meaning that they are going to be more attractive than just having an extremely bright light coming from one place in your yard. And LED outdoor fixtures are also cheaper than buying non-LED yard lighting. In your own home, you can use LED fixtures in places like the kitchen to give a warm glow to space if you regularly get up in the middle of the night for a midnight snack. You can also line a lot of things like your stairs or hallways with LED light strips to make sure that your children feel safe going down the stairs or through the hallways of your home when it's dark. They can not even make a great night light for your kids. And if you are creative enough you can make cool designs from them. Some people even put them behind signs for superhero logos in order to make the logos a unique night light for a kid's bedroom. LEDs are one of the few light sources that offer so much customization in such a little package, that the possibilities of LED light strips really are endless. LED lights to come in several different colors meaning that you can customize the lights to go with the aesthetics of the room you want to put them in. One of the awesome things you can do with LED light strips is put them on a staircase to make it looks fancier. If you have ever seen a lit up staircase in movies then you know exactly what I am talking about. By putting some purple lights on some stairs that are in dark colors, it's going to look quite futuristic and modern. While adding some softer colored LEDs to light-colored stairs will make them have a more homey feel. The great thing about LED strip lights is that they feature a stick-on applicator that lets you attach these lights to pretty much anything in your house. If you wanted you could even put LEDs under your couch or on the ceilings. And as weird as that would look, it would definitely work and that's the coolest thing about decorating with LEDs. Everything's completely up to your imagination. If you wanted to, you could even do something like put LED lights around the rim of your pool. this would make it a lot easier and safer to swim in the evenings. As well as give your pool a fantasy-like glow while you are enjoying a late-night dip. And even playing around white-colored LED light strips lights can look magical if they are put in the right spot. For example, you can either make some pretty expressive art displays out of the strip lights. Or light up a cabinet that you keep your collectibles in. Nothing looks better than a display of awards, figurines or travel momentous with a light above them. How do I get LED lights strips Now as to where can you get LED light strips. You can get colored LED light strips from all over the place. Stores like Walmart sell these in their home fix-up department or lighting department. You can also find them in all your run-of-the-mill home improvement stores and lighting stores. As for the price of LED light strips, it will depend on what type of light strip you want. If you want or light strip that's water-resistant and more durable then you are going to have to pay a little bit more. However, if you are placing the light strips indoors then you can get them for pretty inexpensive. You can find cheap LED light strips for as little as $8 on places like Amazon. Light strips generally do not go above $40 unless you buy them in bulk. They are pretty cheap to invest in due to their long lifespan. And they also are quick to install so they are literally buyer-friendly for everyone. Many LED light strips even come with free shipping to get them to you fast. Just make sure you look at the measurements of the lights that you are going to buy so you know exactly how much lighting you are getting versus how much lighting you need. It's very important to measure the space that you want to put the lights in and then look at all the dimensions online to figure out just how much you need to buy. Also, depending on what you need you can be brighter or dimmer light strips. Each strip will have a description written that will tell you how much power the strip will consume and if you plug it in or if it has a separate battery pack that runs the light strip. If you do not want a cord running from anywhere then I suggest buying light strips that work on batteries so you can just change them out when they run out. The battery boxes for the light strips can also be more easily hidden than a plug-in cord can. And make sure you have everything you need to power your light strips before buying them and read the complete description available to you. If you are not sure about what you are buying do not be afraid to ask questions
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