Anybody Know Where I Can Find Replacement Memory Foam for Dog Bed?

Check out fabric stores or upholstery stores where they sell foam to the markets. There is foam below on-line

1. Husband washed dog bed w/out disinfectant in washer then put load in dryer. How get odor out of clothes dryer?

As others have mentioned, dampen a towel with white vinegar and run it through the dryer. Vinegar is a great deodorizer, cleaner and it even kills germs. The vinegar smell dissipates. Also, it will help softnen the towel, in the process.

2. Does the height of a dog bed matter?

Sleep positions in the dog world are VERY important and the top dog ALWAYS gets the best sleeping depends on what you allow, how well trained your dogs are and if they alreadt think of you as pack leader or not

3. Dog Bed Still Smells???

HE'S A DOG. lol sorry, mabye but some bounce on the dog bed, or spray the bed with febreez. hope this helps. xoxox. danielle

4. I am getting a 2 1/2 almost 3 months chow chow what should I buy? and what kind of shots does she need?

Q#1: *Collar & Leash *Puppy pads (if not immediately housetraining for outdoors) *Nature's Miracle! or Simple Solution (believe me, with a puppy, there will ALWAYS be the inevitable accident, and these two work the best) *Tearless puppy shampoo and/or bath wipes *A soft brush (to get her used to grooming at an early age) *Dental wipes (easier than the toothbrush) *Styptic powder (in case of any unforeseen injuries) *A crate and crate pad or dog bed *Unscented baby wipes (trust me, very useful. Huggies Natural are good ones, or the comparable Target brand ones) *Nylabone(s): unless you are fond of chewed shoes and destroyed treasured posessions... Getting a book on Chows, if you have not already, would also be a smart idea. She will need shots for parvo, distemper, bordetella (kennel cough), possibly leptospirosis, and, at about four months or so, a rabies vaccine. She may also need another "booster" deworming. Hope this helps, and good luck with your new best friend!

5. What should you have for a puppy when you first get it?

Well here are the basics, especially for a dog that will grow as large as yours. 1. A crate with the adjustable wall, to make the crate smaller and larger as the dog grows. (even if you do not want to crate the puppy at 7 weeks you may need to at some point and it will be very useful to have.) 2. Puppy Food- Eukanuba / Iams 3. Food and water bowls with the rubber grips on the bottom, so the puppy will have a harder time knocking it over. :) 4.A cheap collar and a thick leash. I say cheap collar because the dog will outgrow it really quickly. 5.Some kind of soft dog blanket, or dog bed that the dog can cuddle up in. 6.Some kind of chew toys Good Luck with your new puppy! :)

6. Should i get a plastic dog bed?

Do not get her a bed, she does not need one. If she is going to chew them up all the time there is no point in wasting money on one for her, and she can just sleep on the floor

7. Dog Bed for boxer pup?

My Boxers love them almost as much as they love MY bed. ;)

8. I bought a dog bed and I ripped the tag off, how can i wash it?

it depends on what its made of just put it on a cool wash to be on the safe side

9. Can you put a dog bed in the washer?

Read the care label but MOST pet beds are washable. Put it on a low temperature and it should be fine. If not i would definitely buy a washable bed asap !!.

10. What's your favorite kind of dog bed?

well for my puppy we have the foam one and he loves it, so i think the foam ones are better

11. Can you help me make a puppy checklist?

Heres a few things: 1. Dog Food 2. ID Tags 3. Collars and Leashes 4. Food and Water Bowls 5. Toys to chew on (So he wont chew on your stuff) 6. Treats 7. Dog bed

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