Any Other Softwares That Do the Same As Photoshop??

try GIMP, or flash fireworks hope it helps

1. Ubuntu not so friendly to other softwares [closed]

General regarding flash on LinuxIn case you really need flash - consider using Google Chrome instead of Mozilla Firefox.Google Chrome should come with a bundled flash for Linux.How to get Google Chrome for LinuxDownload Chrome from the google page. The downloaded file should be a . deb file. How to install local . debEither doubleclick the . deb or run the following command in a terminalGoogle Chrome should add a custom source to your system, which will be used in the future to update ChromeFinal general hintIt helps to create separate questions/posts for each question you might have

2. Is it wrong to download movies, games and other softwares from torrents or P2P?

Piracy is bad thing . But not everyone can afford to buy Originals. May be Cos should bring out Lower Priced editions of their Softwares , Movies etc . so that more people can afford them .

3. How can you use electric drum sounds in Garage band/other softwares?

i could flow with a 'primary' drum kit in case you have the area and the information neighbours. yet once you do no longer then i could recommend going with the electrical powered set. The extra you extra useful the extra useful the sound high quality would be. i could recommend occurring your interior sight drum save and asking in case you are able to attempt them out to get the texture for the two. a great style of places now have attempt rooms you are able to attempt drums out in

4. What is the future of AutoCAD?

In the immediate future AutoCAD is steadily going to make it more simple and user friendly because the amount of time taken to lean the software and the difficulty in converting a design idea into a drawing is currently difficult and not very intuitive currently.One has to spend weeks to learn the software.And drawings are usually made with input devices like keyboard and mouse. which is not very intuitive. But as gesture and voice based inputs become more viable, the future of not just AutoCAD but also other softwares will become easier to learn and use.Designers would be able to learn to use the software in a few hours and intuitively draw whatever they think and speak

5. What do you love about Revit?

Revit is very precise and therefore does not let you do anything that does not make sense or is incorrect. It keeps me organized on my projects. It also has the advantage of being able to create smart parametric families and components which comes in handy when changes happen within the project. Love that you can create in 3D and detail in 2d. And last but not least the ability to export and import from other softwares is a major plus

6. Are there any other softwares that I can use to make a movie/video?

You can use pinnacle studio to make movies

7. what are other softwares that uses live sattelite feed like Google Earth?

yes google earth is only streamed by imagining as answered already it is not a live satelite feed but they are photos taken by differant satellites that are combined. the only satelite form of streaming is tv and they can be found on search engines though alot of sat is foriegn material or free to air viewing and do not contain much of value in the way of entertainment. if your interested in programs like google earth Nasa has one for download on their website that is similar and i have been told it is alot better in quality. this requires the .net framewrok to be downloaded or installed on your pc cheers

8. Is it advisable to install only windows in C drive & all other softwares in other drives?

It is advisable to keep all other software in other drives so that your C: wo not be jammed. For smooth running of your Windows, you should have at least 35% free space on your C:. However this does not mean that in case of a system crash, you can save your additional software by just formatting C:. By formatting C:, you delete Windows and along with it every other application that was in Windows, even if they are not in your C:. So, it's always recommended to keep a back-up of the set-up files (and activation codes, if any) of all your software so that you can easily install them in case you have to format your hard drive and reinstall Windows. :)

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